One Year Job Guarantee for Nurses and Midwives:Guidance 2012/2013

Guidance for newly registered nurses and midwives to join the National Internship Scheme, run by NES.

One Year Job Guarantee for Nurses and Midwives: Guidance 2012/2013


The Scottish Government has been actively engaging with Higher Education institutions and NHS Boards to maximise job opportunities for newly-registered nurses and midwives under the One Year Job Guarantee (OYJG) scheme. The Scottish Government is committed to providing an offer of employment to newly registered nurses and midwives if they have not been able to find a post through their own endeavours. The Scottish Government have asked NHS Education for Scotland (NES) to administer the implementation of a nationally co-ordinated 'internship' programme in partnership with NHS Boards.

National Internship Scheme

Building on the existing OYJG commitment, interns will be hosted in territorial NHS Boards across NHSScotland. The intern position will normally involve the core offer of a one year, fixed-term, part-time (22.5hrs), employment opportunity as a staff nurse/midwife in clinical practice, linked to rotational placements and completion of Flying Start NHS®. This will allow interns to gain important clinical experience, skills and competence through care delivery in clinical areas.

How to apply and additional information is available from the NES website



Email: Liz Jamieson

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