One Million Acre Strategic Implementation Group minutes: April 2016

Minutes of the meeting of the One Million Acre Strategic Implementation Group that took place on 19 April 2016.

Attendees and apologies


  • Charlie Hogg (Chair, SG)
  • Linsay Chalmers (CLS)
  • Linda Gillespie (DTAS)
  • Malcolm Wield (FCS)
  • Ailsa Raeburn (HIE)
  • Sarah-Jane Laing (SLE)
  • Neil Ritch (BIG Lottery)
  • Dave Thomson (SG)


  • Sarah Skerratt (SRUC)
  • Sandra Holmes (HIE)

Items and actions

1. Welcome

Attendees were welcomed to the second 1m acre strategic group meeting. Ailsa Raeburn attended on behalf of Sandra Holmes.

2. Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting (4/2/16) were accepted as accurate.

3. Activities since last meeting

BIG: SLF launched 31/3/16 and new SLF committee now appointed. A number of stg 1 SLF applications have been submitted with a range of interests. Also been undertaking ‘outreach’ work attending events all over Scotland which include a significant community assets focus.

COSS/DTAS: Been running a series of workshops with CPPs and public bodies, including follow up events. Contributing to SLF events in conjunction with HIE and CLS. Agreed protocols with HIE and BIG for COSS to support asset transfer applications to SLF. Also working in partnership with SCA on developing learning journeys for decision makes on why CLO is a good thing.

FCS: representation on SG asset transfer guidance working group and working to incorporate this into new NFLS post Sep 2016. Undertaken survey of previous NFLS experiences to feed into new processes. Still receiving interest from communities in acquiring forestry land.

CLS: Amanda Bryan has produced an 8 step guide to CLO. Working on developing additional case studies. Annual conference at end of May in Stornoway. Also planning Sep event in Edinburgh to focus more on policy. Developing protocol with SLE. SUII research project underway on economic impact of CLO. Exploring options to develop videos/ animations on personal experiences and steps to CLO. Additional event planned in Borders with potential to replicate in D&G. Peter Peacock attended world forum on international land. Also planning mapping work with existing members to see what assets they have and what support they need.

SLE: Been working on protocol with CLS. Flow charts and technical aspects finished. Now looking at how best to communicate it. Developing additional case studies on CLO from landowner perspective. Been receiving requests for advice in urban context.

SG: SLF now up and running. CRTB legislation pt 2 now live. 2 consultations currently live on pt3 and pt3A (close on 20/6). LRB waiting on Royal Assent. Pts 4 & 5 most closely linked with 1m acre work. Team been attending numerour events and meetings with community groups. Noticing increased interest form urban areas.

HIE: working with SG & BIG on SLF launch. Experienced a flurry of urban enquiries. Recently been involved in discussions with land agents/ professionals who approached CLS initially to improve their understanding of the benefits and opportunities of CLO and how best to bring communities and landowners together. Also been working with COSS to access urban expertise. HIE also now has an interim asset transfer policy.

4. Update on research and evaluation

  • a consortium including CLS and the SG has been awarded £20k SUII funding to research the benefits of community land ownership. The project is underway and due to complete in the summer (2016)
  • the SG internship evaluating the SLF 2012-16 has now ended and the final report has been drafted
  • a draft final report into good practice in overcoming barriers to community land-based activities has very recently been submitted to the SG by the James Hutton Institute
  • all research commissioned by the SG is currently restricted by the Scottish election period and subsequently by the European referendum in terms of publication
  • SG is developing research proposals to identify potential measures of outcomes and outputs of CLO to develop a set of indicators for the 1m acre target. Looking to finalise this soon
  • a report by HMIE on a small number of case studies into the impact of community assets on education was highlighted by the group as worth looking at
  • the Community Empowerment team in the SG are exploring social value measures
  • HIE is currently working with the Rural Housing Fund to ensure that the fund aligns well with the SLF

5. Community land ownership literature

It was agreed to develop a short leaflet as a single first point of information for a range of general audiences. The information on the leaflet should be brief and contain key messages. Branding will be SG.


LG and AR to draft leaflet text and circulate to group.

The group agreed to identify common links to sources of information so that each organisation is referring people to the same links/ information in other organisations


All to circulate key reference links for their organisation to group.

It was also agreed to develop a briefing note for MSPs/MPs/ Elected members.


LC to develop content of note

A set of FAQs is to be developed for the strategic group to use as a source of reference. This needs to also include a definition of community.


NR to circulate Big Lottery FAQ list

6. Raising awareness of community land ownership

The group discussed the draft comes strategy and 6 month action plan with the following comments/ observations:

  • the Improvement Service is a good service for getting messages across to public bodies and elected members. Might be useful to organise an event in partnership with the IS
  • potentially some missing audiences in terms of groups looking to do activities that could be delivered using CLO but that hadn’t considered using CLO as a delivery option
  • need to brief new MSPs once in place. Option to hold an event with new MSPs and Committees. Should be a speed briefing style event around September time.


LC to speak to RACCE and LG Clerks re possibility of jointly hosted event for MSPs in September.


All to send info to LC on upcoming events over next 6 months to populate comms action plan


All to collectively organise ‘seeing is believing’ trips for journalists. DT to speak with SG Comms. Particularly need to target urban areas.

7. Developing road map of support

It was agreed that a set of coordinated and complementary road maps should be developed to cover asset transfer, community right to buy legislation and willing buyer/willing seller scenarios. These should follow on naturally from the general information leaflet by providing more guided detail for groups on how to proceed.


COSS will update asset transfer road map to reflect CEB requirements. HIE, CLS and COSS will develop additional road maps for remaining scenarios.

8. Date of next meeting


DT to arrange for before mid-July.



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