Non-Binary Working Group - Sport Sub-Group minutes: 12 January 2022

Minutes from the meeting of the sub-group, on 12 January 2022.

Attendees and apologies


  • Jane Gallacher, Active Scotland Unit, Scottish Government
  • Angela Robinson, Active Scotland Unit, Scottish Government

Group members

  • Dr Ben Vincent, The Open University (Chair)
  • Vic Valentine, Scottish Trans
  • Megan Snedden, Stonewall Scotland
  • Katrina Mitchell, LGBT Health and Wellbeing
  • Non-binary community members


  • Keir McDonald, Equality Unit, Scottish Government
  • Chloe Coldwell, Equality Unit, Scottish Government
  • Laurie Donaldson, Equality Unit, Scottish Government

Items and actions

Key discussion points

The group discussed:

  • solutions to the issues within sport faced by trans people could help many other groups who felt excluded from sport
  • sport-related issues could be solved at grassroots level, but this would need financial support
  • competition level sport and how this did not address how the majority of people accessed sport
  • broad benefits of participation in sport on mental health
  • difficult atmosphere in the media around trans participation in sport
  • ways to address perceived misinformation in existing trans inclusion guidance
  • LEAP Sports Scotland and the Equality Network had existing sets of principles
  • including trans equality in EQIAs
  • issues experienced by non-binary people could partially be addressed through redecoration and rearranging of gym equipment
  • reforming building regulations to make changes more wide reaching and intersectional
  • work on harassment within gym facilities, including whether this could be inclusive of trans people

Action: SG officials will discuss with colleagues in building standards to see where the responsibility for accessibility and inclusion sits.

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