Non-Binary Working Group minutes: 1 March 2022

Minutes from the meeting and recommendation review session of the Non-Binary Working Group, on 1 March 2022.

Attendees and apologies


  • Bobby Jones, Facilitator

Group members

  • Dr Ben Vincent, The Open University
  • Vic Valentine, Scottish Trans
  • Oceana Maund, Scottish Trans
  • Megan Snedden, Stonewall Scotland
  • Katrina Mitchell, LGBT Health & Wellbeing
  • Sarah Anderson, LGBT Youth Scotland
  • Dr Carolynn Gray, The University of the West of Scotland
  • Non-Binary community members


  • Keir McDonald, Equality and Inclusion Division, Scottish Government
  • Chloe Coldwell, Equality and Inclusion Division, Scottish Government

Items and actions

Key discussion points

The group discussed:


  • potential misunderstanding of what the group means by training as the recommendation would refer to specialist knowledge on treating trans patients rather than diversity and inclusion training
  • the need to clarify that trans healthcare does not just refer to gender identity services

Young people

  • the data on under 16s collected in the census being potentially unreliable as parents/guardians complete on behalf of their children under 16 years old

Outstanding policy feedback on recommendations

  • tightening the recommendations which say “ensure”.
  • the importance of proactively engaging with trans and non-binary people when looking to include them and remunerating them for their time and expertise, giving an example from NHS England website

Report presentation

  • considering the impact the group wanted the report to have on different audiences
  • the inclusion of anonymous personal stories in the final report and a potential “trans-101” style section to make it more accessible to a general audience
  • prioritising the recommendations within general categories
  • avoiding breaking the recommendations down into short and long term
  • creating a two-page concise report that lists the recommendations alone to accompany the report
  • the wide-reaching nature of the recommendations and how they will affect equality work for many groups

Timeline for next steps

  • if the response was within 6 weeks then the recommendations and response could be published together
  • working group members will be notified in advance of publication
  • a debrief session will be organised shortly


  • confirm definitive deadlines with officials for policy opinions after the receipt of the recommendations
  • organise debrief session
  • confirm that working group members must see the report before publication
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