NHS Chief Executives minutes: May 2019

Minutes of the meeting of the NHS Chief Executives on 8 May 2019.

Attendees and apologies

NHS Board Chief Executives

  • John Burns NHS Ayrshire and Arran
  • Ralph Roberts NHS Borders
  • Jeff Ace NHS Dumfries and Galloway
  • Paul Hawkins NHS Fife (Vice Chair of CEs Group)
  • Cathie Cowan NHS Forth Valley
  • Amanda Croft NHS Grampian
  • Jane Grant NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Iain Stewart NHS Highland
  • Calum Campbell NHS Lanarkshire
  • Gerry O’Brien NHS Orkney
  • Simon Bokor-Ingram NHS Shetland
  • Grant Archibald NHS Tayside
  • Gordon Jamieson NHS Western Isles
  • Jann Gardner Golden Jubilee Foundation
  • Robbie Pearson Healthcare Improvement Scotland
  • Angiolina Foster NHS 24
  • Caroline Lamb NHS Education for Scotland
  • Gerry McLaughlin NHS Health Scotland
  • Colin Sinclair NHS National Services Scotland
  • Pauline Howie Scottish Ambulance Service (Chair of CEs Group)
  • Gary Jenkins State Hospital

Scottish Government

  • Jeane Freeman MSP Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport
  • Malcolm Wright DG Health and Social Care and Chief Executive NHS Scotland
  • Jason Leitch National Clinical Director Scotland
  • Christine McLaughlin Chief Finance Officer NHS Scotland and Director of Health Finance, Corporate Governance and Value
  • John Connaghan Chief Performance Officer NHS Scotland and Director of Delivery and Resilience
  • Donna Bell Director of Mental Health
  • Catherine Calderwood Chief Medical Officer Scotland
  • Fiona McQueen Chief Nursing Officer Scotland
  • Gregor Smith Deputy Chief Medical Officer
  • Richard Foggo Head of Primary Care Division
  • Alison Taylor Head of Integration Division

In attendance

  • Tracy Gillies Co-Chair of Medical Directors
  • Alex McMahon Chair of SEND
  • Jack Downie Deputy Private Secretary (Agenda Item 2)
  • Colin Sloey National CMO Taskforce (Agenda Item 3)
  • Naureen Ahmad Head of GP Contract Development and Implementation (Agenda Item 9)


  • Robert Kirkwood Head of Corporate Business Management Team
  • Laurie Whyte Corporate Business Management Team - Secretariat
  • Sarah Hildersley Corporate Business Management Team - Secretariat
  • David Bedwell NHS Scotland Executive Support
  • Chris Campbell NHS Scotland Executive Support


  • Tim Davison NHS Lothian
  • Michael Chalmers Director of Children and Families

Items and actions

Welcome, apologies for absence and attendees

1. Malcolm Wright, Director General Health and Social Care/Chief Executive NHS Scotland welcomed everyone to the meeting. A list of attendees and apologies for absence are provided at Annex A.

2. It was noted that this was Simon Bokor-Ingram, Interim Chief Executive, NHS Shetland and Gary Jenkins, Chief Executive, State Hospital first meeting with the group since taking up their posts in April 2019.

Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport

3. Malcolm Wright welcomed the Cabinet Secretary to the meeting and invited her to give some opening remarks about her priorities for health and social care. These were:

  •  access and performance
  •  integration
  •  mental health
  •  The Sturrock Review

4. The Cabinet Secretary then invited the Chief Executives to discuss key activities, current challenges and solutions. There was a useful discussion about the work of the Access Collaborative, Mental Health and Integration.

5. Recognising the importance of collaborative leadership, the Cabinet Secretary encouraged Chief Executives to attend the next Scottish Leaders Forum scheduled for 3 June 2019 in Stirling. Malcolm Wright advised that registration for the event was open.

6. The Cabinet Secretary thanked the Chief Executives for the paper and points raised and agreed to return to a future meeting.


  • Secretariat: invite Cabinet Secretary to future Chief Executives meeting
  • Chief Executives encouraged to register and attend the next Scottish Leaders Forum on 3 June in Stirling

CMO Taskforce update: NHSCE/19/20/01

7. Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer introduced the item. Firstly she thanked Chief Executives for the work that has taken place over the last two years to improve healthcare and forensic medical services for adults, children and young people who have experienced rape or sexual assault in Scotland.

8. She gave a short presentation which recapped on the initial five actions put forward by the Taskforce for 2018-19. Chief Executives were asked to agree five new actions for 2019-20 which would continue to drive improvement in this area.

9. The Chief Executives Group welcomed the update and agreed the five new actions.

Minutes of the previous meeting: NHSCE/18/19/19

10. The minutes of the meeting held on 13 March 2019 were approved.

11. The Chief Executives Group Executive Support Team advised that the meeting between Chairs, Chief Executives, Local Authority Chief Executives, SOLACE, COSLA and Directors of Finance, which was an action point from the previous meeting, would likely take place in September 2019. Further information will be shared when available.

Matters arising

12. There were no matters arising.

Feedback from the Chief Executives private/strategy meeting

13. Pauline Howie, Chair of the NHS Chief Executives Group gave an update on the discussions from the private/strategy meeting, including:

  • National Performance Framework
  • Access Collaborative
  • radiology transformation programme
  • workforce (pensions and tax)

14. Malcolm Wright asked for further information on the Radiology Transformation Programme. Christine McLaughlin, Chief Finance Officer NHS Scotland and Director of Health Finance, Corporate Governance and Value, agreed to liaise with SG Workforce colleagues and Directors of HR about pensions and tax.


  • Chief Executive Group Executive Support Team to provide further briefing on the Radiology Transformation Programme to Malcolm Wright
  • Christine McLaughlin to liaise with SG Workforce colleagues and Directors of HR pensions and tax issues

The Scottish Atlas of Healthcare Variation: NHSCE/19/20/02

15. Gregor Smith, Deputy Chief Medical Officer introduced the item and gave an update to Chief Executives about The Scottish Atlas of Healthcare Variation.

16. It was recognised that Medical Directors and Directors of Public Health need to be accountable for ensuring that local processes enable atlas maps to be shared, analysed, discussed and where unwarranted variation is determined, acted upon.

Integration: NHSCE/19/20/03

17. Alison Taylor, Head of Integration Division introduced the item and gave an update to Chief Executives on progress following the last meeting.

18. Self-evaluations are due to be completed and returned by 15 May 2019. A high level assessment of these will then be carried out ahead of the next Ministerial Steering Group (MSG) meeting at the end of the month.

19. Malcolm Wright shared some feedback from the IJB Chair and Vice-Chair Network meeting which he had attended in the morning with the Cabinet Secretary.

Primary care implementation plan and GMS contract: NHSCE/19/20/04

20. Richard Foggo, Head of Primary Care gave a presentation to Chief Executives about the implementation of the GMS contract, progress to date and next steps. He advised that he would share an update paper with colleagues in the near future.

21. He explained that there are 6 priority areas to reform before 2021 (Vaccination; Pharmacotherapy; Community Treatment and Care Services; Urgent Care; Additional Professional Roles; and Community Link Workers) and gave an overview of the work that is being progressed during 2019 (Capital Investment Strategy, Data sharing agreements; Framework for community based HSC services; Report on Rural services; Data collection and Digital reprovisioning).

22. Phase 2 of the negotiations will begin in Spring 2020.

Action: Richard Foggo to share an update paper with colleagues

Performance: NHSCE/19/20/05

23. John Connaghan indicated that Chief Executives received an update on the latest performance, trajectories and milestones for 2019-20 by Gordon Frame, Head of Scheduled Care Performance and Delivery, at their Private Meeting earlier that morning.

24. John Burns agreed to collate information in relation to pension tax changes and the impact the changes may have for NHS consultants, through the Ministerial Steering Group and feedback on this at a future meeting.

Action: John Burns to collate information regarding consultant pension tax through MSG and feedback

Any other business

25. Malcolm Wright asked that “lessons from the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow following a number of infection-related issues” be discussed at a future meeting.

Action: Secretariat to schedule “lessons from the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow following a number of infection-related issues” at future meeting

Date and time of next meeting

26. The next NHS Chief Executives Business Meeting will take place on 12 June 2019 at 13:00, in the Fettes Suite, Scottish Health Service Centre, Edinburgh EH4 2LF.

Other papers

18. An Update from St Andrew’s House (NHSCE/19/20/06) was circulated to Chief Executives in advance of the meeting sharing information from across Health and Social Care Directorates.

19. This paper will also be shared with Board Secretaries to share with Board Members and relevant others for information.

Office of the Chief Executive for NHS Scotland
15 May 2019

NHS Chief Executives minutes: May 2019
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