National Strategy for Economic Transformation: easy read version

Easy read version of our plan setting out the priorities for Scotland’s economy.

This is an easy read version of our National Strategy for Economic Transformation that was published in March 2022.

A version with images is attached.

The Scottish Government have a plan called the National Strategy for Economic Transformation.

Our economy is how the country produces and uses goods, services and money.

It affects how we all live.

Economic transformation means changing the way the country does this.

We want to have an economy that works well for everyone and is also about wellbeing. Wellbeing means feeling comfortable, healthy and happy.

We also want an economy that is good for our environment and places.

This will help us move towards Net Zero and put changes in place that will make our country better.

Net Zero means finding ways to put less carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas into the air.

This means looking at the way we provide heat and transport.

Based on the latest facts and figures the plan has 5 areas called priorities.

A priority is what we think will make the most difference to people and our economy. These are:

  • entrepreneurial people An entrepreneur is someone who comes up with new ideas and makes new businesses
  • ways to find new products and services that we can use to help our country grow
  • businesses and areas of Scotland that are produce large amounts of products and services
  • workers with skills and training
  • a fairer and more equal society

There is also a project looking at the work needed to make the plan happen.

Each priority has projects to help us have an economy that:

  • is good for people’s wellbeing
  • make good new jobs that pay well

The projects will happen over the next 10 years.

They include:

  • supporting businesses and people of any age to learn new skills and get new training
  • giving support to people of any age who find it difficult to get a job
  • starting a £50 million fund for a National Challenge Competition on Economic Transformation

This money will encourage people to come up with new ideas for new businesses to help change the Scottish economy.

The plan will support a country where: •

  • people in every part of Scotland and every community can take part in economic success
  • there is less poverty – particularly child poverty

Poverty means not having enough money to buy basic things like food or housing.

The Plan has been put together by:

  • a group of experts called an Advisory Council who have given advice - experts are people who know a lot about a subject
  • asking many different people and organisations what they think - that is very important because we must all be involved in changing our economy

We are looking forward to working with our partners in business and in voluntary organisations.

We will work together to make sure the plan works well for all the people and places across Scotland.

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