External management of residential child care establishments: national guidance

Guidance for those with external management responsibilities for any residential child care establishment, including childrens homes, secure care and some residential schools.

Ministerial Foreword

Aileen Campbell MSP

We want Scotland to be the best place for all of our children and young people to grow up. If children need to be looked after away from home we want residential care to be a positive choice, not a place of last resort. The National Guidance for the External Management of Residential Child Care Establishments in Scotland focusses on the important part that external managers play in making residential child care a positive choice for children and young people.

This guidance, developed in partnership with CELCIS, emphasises the role external managers have as a safeguard for children and young people and a champion for residential child care services. It also aims to develop a shared understanding of the external management function.

In Scotland we have a dedicated residential child care sector working together to meet the needs of children and young people. All of our work is ultimately concerned with improving outcomes for children and young people and residential care is an important part of the continuum of services.

Research and practice has highlighted that robust external management plays a pivotal role in ensuring the rights and needs of children and young people are met in residential child care. We recommend that all providers of residential child care services take the time to consider the implications of this guidance for you and your organisation.

Aileen Campbell MSP Signature

Aileen Campbell MSP

Minister for Children and Young People


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