National events strategy 2024 to 2035: children's right and wellbeing impact assessment - stage 1 and 2

The children's right and wellbeing impact assessment (CRWIA) for the refreshed national events strategy 2024 to 2035.


This draft document is an initial assessment of the impact of the National Events Strategy 2024-2035. The implementation of the strategy will be delivered by a wide range of Team Scotland partners as set out at Appendix 1 of the refreshed strategy. Lead partners will consider opportunities to review Child Rights and Wellbeing Impacts flowing from any actions they are delivering in response to the strategy during its 11-year life. This could provide an opportunity to consider an increased understanding of these impacts as the amount of data and research available continues to grow.

This impact assessment should be read in conjunction with the series of impact assessments led by the Scottish Government in support of the National Events Strategy review. These are: Island Communities Impact Assessment, Equality Impact Assessment (results), Fairer Scotland Duty Assessment and Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment.



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