National drugs mission: additional funds for services - 2021 to 2022

Information on the use of additional funding for drugs services in 2021 to 2022.

The First Minister announced a new national mission to reduce drug related deaths and harms in January 2021. This is supported by an investment of £50 million per year for the next five years. We are targeting £32 million of this to support front-line services in 2021 to 2022.

Support is targeted:

Front-line services

  • £4 million has been allocated for implementation of the new Medication-Assisted Treatment Standards. These will help ensure people can access they type of treatment they wish to choose and that same-day treatment will be available where appropriate.
  • £4 million is targeted on the provision of long-lasting buprenorphine. Ministers are keen that this option of Opioid Substitution Treatment is more widely available across Scotland.  Funding will be used to provide long-lasting buprenorphine in prisons and in the wider community.  Feedback from people who have already used this alternative is very positive.
  • £400,000 is also being made available to expand existing Heroin-Assisted Treatment in Glasgow and to explore its use in other parts of Scotland
  • £3 million has been allocated to services to expand near-fatal overdose pathways. Most people who die as a result of an opiate overdose will have previously suffered a near fatal overdose and been through our NHS. Every opportunity needs to be taken to provide immediate support at the time of a near-fatal overdose.
  • £3 million is also being made available to expand the range of outreach services to help make sure treatment and support are available where people are

Dedicated Alcohol and Drugs Partnerships (ADP) Funding

  • £13.5 million is being made available to Alcohol and Drugs Partnerships to support local and national initiatives. £3.5 million of this is targeted on improving services to support children and families; and £5 million of this is targeted for use in expanding the use of residential rehabilitation – and improving aftercare for those returning to communities. £0.2 million of this funding stream comes from another budget rather than from the additional £50 million allocated for drugs as part of the national mission.

Other initiatives to support services

  • £1 million is being allocated to ensure that the voices of lived and living experience is heard in service design and delivery.  £500,000 of this funding will go to support the local forums led by Alcohol and Drugs Partnerships and the other £500,000 is being focused on establishing and running a new national collaboration
  • £800,000 will be set aside for media campaigns in 2021 to 2022 on the use of naloxone – a life-saving intervention during overdose – and tackling stigma
  • £1 million is being provided for third sector partners to support community-based initiatives and to help smaller organisations and people apply for grants through our national funds
  • £1.5 million is also being devoted to developing public health surveillance, evaluation, monitoring and research in 2021 to 2022
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