National Care Services Forum: programme - easy read

This is the agenda/programme for the National Care Service Forum being held on the 3 October 2022 in Perth Concert Hall.

National Care Services Forum Programme - Easy Read

National Care Service Forum Agenda

10.30 to 11am


11 to 11.05am

Welcome from the Chair of the Forum - Anne-Marie Monaghan

Theme: What is the National Care Service about?

11.05 to 11.15am

Main speech from Mr Stewart

11.15 to 11.30am

Speech from Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi

11.30am to 12.15pm

Discussion 1

  • What do we want the National Care Service to do?
  • What will be difficult when we are developing the National Care Service?
  • How can we make sure we are listening to people and telling people what they need to know?

12.15 to 1.10pm


Theme: Why the National Care Service is everyone's business

1.10 to 1.20pm

Speech from Ms Constance

Theme: You said, we heard - but have we got that right?

1.20pm to 2.05pm

Discussion 2

A summary will be provided on tables of what we have heard people want:

  • have we understood properly?
  • is this what you hope the National Care Service will do?
  • have we missed anything?

2.05 to 2.30pm

Comfort break

2.30 to 3pm

Panel discussion

3.00 to 3.10pm

Final remarks from Mr Yousaf

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