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National Cancer Recovery Group: terms of reference

Published: 17 Jul 2020

Terms of reference for the Coronavirus (COVID-19): National Cancer Recovery Group.

17 Jul 2020
National Cancer Recovery Group: terms of reference

The National Cancer Recovery Group (NCRG) has been set up to provide national oversight of the operational recovery of cancer services during the recovery phase of the NHS, and to provide a cancer specific response to any potential secondary surges in COVID-19.


The group's key purposes are to:

  • reporting and oversight of national cancer groups
  • coordination at interfaces between screening, diagnostics and treatment
  • national arbitration on overall clinical prioritisations
  • oversight of data and modelling work
  • advising patient and public communications
  • informal advice on screening restart


There will be two groups working within the NCRG. The core group will be made up of a small number of key representatives who will meet weekly and liaise between meetings and react swiftly to emerging issues. The wider main group will provide advice and input across a wider range of professions and geographies as well as supporting the dissemination of agreed guidance.

Representatives and experts may be invited to the core or main group on an ad hoc basis to provide advice on specific matters.

Core group members:

  • Chair / Scottish Cancer Taskforce Chair
  • Vice Chair / Senior Medical Officer (Oncology)
  • Scottish Government - Cancer Policy
  • Scottish Government - Cancer Access
  • Scottish Government - Diagnostics
  • Scottish Government - Recovery
  • Scottish Government - Testing
  • Cancer Network Manager Representative (rotating)
  • Cancer Network Clinical Lead North Cancer Alliance (NCA)
  • Cancer Network Clinical Lead South East Scotland Cancer Network (SCAN)
  • National Cancer Treatment Group Chair / Cancer Network Clinical Lead West of Scotland Cancer Network (WoSCAN)
  • Radiotherapy Lead Representative
  • Data, Systemic Anti-Cancer Therapy (SACT), and UK Links
  • SACT Lead Representative
  • primary care
  • screening
  • nursing
  • patient representative
  • pharmacy
  • National Services Division (NSD) National Medical Advisor


Individual group members are responsible for gathering views of their colleagues and networks they represent. Members are also responsible for cascading relevant information back to their networks as appropriate.

The NCRG provides advice, under the authority of the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport for final approval by the Chief Medical Officer’s Professional Advisory Group.


The group will review the necessity and relevance of its work and the terms of reference as we transit between the phases of recovery and renewal. 

Ways of working

The SG Cancer Policy Team will provide secretariat for the group.  Meetings will be held 14:30-16:30 each Friday afternoon, with frequency of meetings subject to ongoing review.  Meetings be by video-conference.  Agenda and papers will be circulated the Thursday before meetings, with action notes from meetings shared on Mondays. 

Meetings will be chaired by Professor Aileen Keel, Director, Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme.  Deputy chair for the group will be Dr Azmat Sadozye, Clinical Oncologist and Senior Medical Officer (Oncology) at Scottish Government.                                                                                          

Scottish Government Cancer Policy Team will facilitate sharing of information and resources between group members. 

A wider membership group 'the main NCRG group' will receive papers and be able to input to input on an ongoing basis.