National Audiology Review Group minutes: August 2022

Minutes from the meeting of the group on 9 August 2022.

Attendees and apologies


  • Jacqueline Taylor (Chair) 
  • John Day Clinical Director of Audiology, NHS Wales
  • Adrian Carragher, Scottish Heads of Audiology Group (HoA)
  • Jim Harrigan, Scottish Heads of Audiology Group (HoA)
  • Angela Bonomy, Sense Scotland
  • Catriona Johnson, National Services Scotland, National Services Division (NSS NSD)
  • Robert Farley, NHS Education for Scotland (NES)
  • Samantha Lear, National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS)
  • Sandra McDougall, Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS)
  • Crystal Rolfe, Royal National Institute for Deaf People
  • Susan Campbell, Clinical Lead, Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programme
  • Lyn Hutchison, National Specialist and Screening Services Directorate (NSD)
  • Claire Benton, British Academy of Audiology (BAA)

Supported by:

  • Raveena Sajjan, Review Secretariat Team Lead - Scottish Government
  • Carole Campariol-Scott, Review Secretariat - Scottish Government
  • Abigail Parkin, Review Secretariat - Scottish Government
  • Laura Sweeney, Review Secretariat - Scottish Government 


  • Claudine Duff, Official Observer - Scottish Government
  • Esther Black, Official Observer - Scottish Government  


  • Donna Corrigan, British Society of Audiology
  • Catherine Ross, Chief Healthcare Science Officer, Scottish Government
  • Andrew Murray, NHS Health Boards
  • Kathryn Lewis, British Academy of Audiology (BAA)
  • John Marshall, Ears, Nose and Throat Clinical Lead, Scottish Government

Items and actions

Welcome and introductions

The Chair welcomed the Review Group and offered apologies from Donna Corrigan, Catherine Ross, Andrew Murray, Kathryn Lewis and John Marshall.

The Chair introduced new members - Lyn Hutchison representing National Services Scotland, National Services Division (NSS NSD) in place of David Steele. The Chair stated the need for a flexible approach around membership as any gaps in membership might become apparent as work progresses.

Apologies are recorded and noted above.

The Chair invited members to highlight any other agenda items. Adrian Carragher added the need for clarification of the scope of the Review and the inclusion of the Scottish Cochlear Implant Service. The Chair noted this has been included for consideration in the meeting agenda.

Terms of reference

The Chair highlighted the finalised Terms of Reference (ToR) were to be added to a dedicated webpage on the Scottish Government website in due course and that the Review Group would be informed via email when this was done. The Chair thanked all members for their input, feedback and suggestions sent to the Secretariat Support Team for the ToR following on from previous meeting. Members agreed they were content with the ToR.


  • review secretariat team to publish terms of reference and minutes on the Scottish Government Review website
  • review secretariat team to send link for dedicated webpage to Review Group

Update from Chair

The Chair provided an update of her meeting with the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care on 8 August 2022, when they discussed the following: 

  • the Review’s ethos and focus, with the service user at its centre and taking a holistic approach by ensuring the Review looks at the entire pathway of care
  • the structure of the Review – Reference Group, Sub-Groups and the remit these will cover
  • the Cabinet Secretary’s reiterated his commitment and personal interest in the work of the Review and its outcomes
  • the current timeframe for completion of the Review(end of February 2023) and the importance of quality and meaningful output over meeting a hard deadline which was stressed by the Cabinet Secretary

The Chair provided an update on an introductory meeting with the Scottish Sensory Centre (SSC), where the SSC underlined the importance of education and health working together and the role of the teachers of the deaf in particular. Angela Bonomy agreed and commented that Brian Shannan has been invited to represent the SSC on the Reference Group. 

Rob Farley asked the Chair if there had been any direct media engagement. The Chair confirmed that she had not been asked directly and the Review Secretariat Support team stated they had no received any direct media engagement, but there had been Parliamentary Questions, which are now answered and will be shared with the Review Group for information. Review Secretariat Team confirmed that the Review is to be discussed shortly at the Cross Party Group on Deafness, which may prompt enquiries or further questions and the Chair confirmed intention to engage meaningfully with the Cross Party Group and its members. 


  • Secretariat Support Team to share most recent Parliamentary Questions with Review Group for information

Update from reference group and sub group chairs

Reference group update

The Reference Group Chair, Angela Bonomy introduced herself to the group. She confirmed the first Reference Group meeting is on 18 August when the Group will be looking at defining and agreeing on its membership. She added that the Group’s work will have a focus on lived experience and look at the full spectrum of service users - patients, but also other services users who use Audiology Services. The Review Secretariat has liaised with NHS Lothian and the Health and Social Care ALLIANCE Scotland for lived experience representatives. The Alliance advised to also reach out to the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID) and the National Deaf Children Society (NDCS).

Crystal Rolfe commented on the importance of ensuring breadth in the representation and confirmed RNID are happy to support in finding patient representatives. The Review Group agreed that one single patient cannot represent the whole of the patient voice and experience.

Structure, governance and leadership sub-group update

Adrian Carragher, Sub-Group Chair stated he is still in the early developmental stages as membership is reviewed and confirmed. An Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) consultant will bring additional scrutiny and understanding of governance structure. Adrian mentioned they have approached the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (RCPE) Quality Governance Collaborative for support in finding a suitable representative on the topic of health and care governance. 

Claire Brenton stated the Structure, Leadership and Governance Sub-Group should include Audiologists of all levels in its membership in order to have a balanced representation of the profession, and in particular the inclusion of the career group. The Sub-Group Chair agreed to consider including a wider range of Audiologists as part of the Sub-Group so that it is inclusive of the career pathway.

Quality assurance sub-group update

John Day, Chair of the Quality Assurance Sub-Group, advised that his Sub-Group had its first meeting on 4 August when they discussed current examples of quality assurance such as the ones used by for the Scottish Cochlear Implant Programme (SCIP) and the Universal Newborn Screening Programme. The Chair stated agreement to carry out an initial appraisal of quality assurance across Scotland by developing and refining a set of Key Performance Indicators which are viable and fit for purpose.

Queries were raised around the scope of the Sub-Group and wider Review Group, in particular as to whether the Scottish Cochlear Implant Programme (SCIP) was included in the Review. The Quality Assurance Sub-Group also raised the point about getting input from the teachers of the deaf as part of its membership. It was agreed that as it forms part of the patient pathway, the SCIP must be included, but an in depth review of the programme is not planned. 

Education and training sub-group update

Robert Farley, Chair for the Education and Training Sub-Group confirmed the first meeting of his Sub-Group is to be held on 11 August. Membership of the Sub-Group is diverse and includes early career audiologists. Robert Farley stated that the British Academy of Audiology report on the Paediatric Audiology Service in NHS Lothian included 10 recommendations on training and the Sub-Group intends to include this as a part of the discussion. 

The Education and Training Sub-Group Chair confirmed the first meeting will cover development of an initial understanding of the landscape and an action plan covering pre and post registration training and systematic refreshing on people skills through Continued Professional Development (CPD).

Any other business

The Chair closed the meeting.


  • review secretariat to remind review group to review their declaration of interest forms ahead of the next meeting

Next meeting date and time: Tuesday 13 September, 10 am to 12 pm via Ms Teams.

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