National Accommodation Strategy for Sex Offenders: guidance on environmental risk assessments

The document provides additional guidance on conducting an environmental risk assessment to identify any housing-related risks with a particular offender.

1.0 Document Information

Document Title National Accommodation Strategy for Sex Offenders - Guidance on parameters and minimum standards for conducting environmental risk assessments
Version 1.0
Publication date November 2017
Author(s) Multi-Agency Working Group:
Sex Offender Liaison Officers
Police Scotland
Social Work Scotland
Scottish Prison Service
Scottish Government
Document Review Jointly by Relevant Agencies as per Authors

The effectiveness and on-going relevance of this document will be subject to review by the relevant agencies. The next review of this document is due November 2018; however, it will be updated according to significant legislative and policy changes and re-released earlier, if required.

The Scottish Government would like to thank all the practitioners who have contributed their time and expertise during the development of this guidance and in particular those who participated in the multi-agency working group.


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