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Monthly economic brief: 2016 to 2020

Published: 6 Mar 2020
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Monthly summary of key economic events, data, surveys, trends and forecasts for the UK and Scottish economies.

6 Mar 2020
Monthly economic brief: 2016 to 2020

The attached briefs provide a summary of:

  • key economic events
  • output data for the Scottish and UK economies
  • labour market data for Scotland and the UK
  • a summary of recent UK inflation trends and the monetary policy response
  • Scottish and UK retail sector data
  • Scotland's manufactured exports data
  • a summary of recent Scottish surveys
  • recent forecasts of the UK and Scottish economies

Underneath the latest brief (February 2020) are those from previous months (back to October 2016).

Monthly Economic Brief - July 2019

6 page PDF
672.5 kB

Monthly Economic Brief - June 2019

6 page PDF
739.1 kB

Monthly Economic Brief - May 2019

6 page PDF
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