Cancer strategy 2023-2033 and cancer action plan 2023-2026: monitoring and evaluation framework - August 2023

This outlines our intent to monitor and evaluate the Cancer Strategy for Scotland 2023-2033 and Cancer Action Plan 2023-2026. It sets out a strategic, evidence-based and outcomes-focused approach to assess progress towards the vision of improved survival and excellent, equitably accessible care.

Glossary of evaluation terms

This glossary sets out key terms used to describe evaluation activities. The definitions used here explain these terms in the context of the Cancer Strategy for Scotland 2023-2033 (strategy) and the Cancer Action Plan 2023-2026 (action plan).

Key Term Definition
Activity The actions (in the action plan) that are required to produce the desired outcomes for the strategy. (what we do)
Aim A broad statement of intent setting out the purpose of the strategy. It summarises the difference the strategy wants to make.
Ambition Linked to the Vision and Outcomes, a statement of how success will be created by addressing specific priorities.
Evaluation Evaluation is a systematic assessment of the design, implementation and outcomes of an intervention. This can be at the level of a programme, action plan or strategy.
Headline Indicators Metrics used to demonstrate higher level, longer term change or results linked to the Outcomes and Vision for the strategy.
Impact The overall difference that the strategy makes. Describes higher level, longer term change resulting from the strategy and linking back to the Aim.
Inputs The resources needed to deliver the programme of change associated with the strategy and action plan. (what we invest)
Monitoring Monitoring is the systematic collection of data on specified indicators to provide an indication of the extent of progress and achievement of the strategy Ambitions, Outcomes and Vision.
Outcomes The results, effects or change produced by the strategy and action plan. (what we achieve)
Outcomes – early and intermediate Steps along the way to end outcomes. They are often smaller changes that need to happen before the final, desired outcome can be reached.
Outputs Specific, direct things that the action plan delivers or activities that occur through the use of the resources in the strategy and action plan. (what we get)
Process The method, or step-by-step description, of how a task or activity is to be done. (how we do it)
Theory of change A model of how the strategy and action plan are expected to contribute to change (or impact) through a sequence of early and intermediate outcomes.
Vision Linked to the Aim, a statement of intent that describes the future goals and ambitions of the strategy.



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