Misogyny and Criminal Justice in Scotland Working Group: meetings

Date, evidence heard and topic of the Misogyny and Criminal Justice in Scotland Working Group's meetings.

Items and actions

12 February 2021

Inaugural meeting

19 March 2021

Nottinghamshire case study

Evidence heard from:

  • Charlotte Fischer, Love and Power and Citizens UK 
  • Marsha Jephcott, Love and Power and Citizens UK 
  • Susannah Fish, OBE QPM MBA, retired Chief Constable, Nottinghamshire Police Force

30 April 2021

Foundation concepts 

Evidence heard from:

  • Professor Kate Manne, Cornell University

21 May 2021

Online misogyny, sexualised violence and education

Evidence heard from:

  • Dr Olga Jurasz, Open University Law School, Open University
  • Dr Kim Barker, Open University Law School, Open University
  • Professor Liz Kelly, London Metropolitan University

18 June 2021

Misogyny in public spaces

Evidence heard from :

  • Bianca Fileborn, The University of Melbourne
  • Fiona Vera-Gray, Durham University

23 July 2021

Terminology and the UN

Evidence heard from:

  • Claire Barnett, UN Women UK
  • Victor Madrigal-Borloz, UN IE SOGI

Next meeting to be held on 3 September 2021.

3 September 2021

Misogyny in the workplace

Evidence heard from:

  • Linda Fabiani, former MSP
  • Monica Lennon MSP
  • Gillian Mackay MSP
  • Gillian Martin MSP

8 October 2021 

Criminology, law and hate crime 

Evidence heard from:

  • ACC Gary Ritchie, Police Scotland
  • CI Jim McMillan, Police Scotland
  • Dr Andrew Tickell, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Laura Sharp, Law Society of Scotland 
  • Christine McLintock, Law Society of Scotland 
  • Debbie Wilson, Law Society of Scotland

5 November 2021 

Women’s organisations 

Evidence heard from:

  • Marsha Scott, Scottish Women’s Aid
  • Sandy Brindley, Rape Crisis Scotland
  • Massie Green, Zero Tolerance

3 December 2021 


Evidence heard from:

  • Mariam Ahmed, Amina
  • Heather Fisken, Inclusion Scotland

Eleventh meeting – 17 December 2021

Working group report recommendations

Twelfth meeting - 7 January 2022

Stirring up offence

Thirteenth meeting - 14 January 2022

Working group report

Fourteenth Meeting - 4 February 2022

Working group report

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