Minister for Parliamentary Business: resignation letters

Letters between Minister for Parliamentary Business George Adam and the First Minister.

Letter from Minister for Parliamentary Business George Adam to First Minister John Swinney – 8 May 2024

Dear John,

Prior to my appointment in 2021, the Minister for Parliamentary Business was always the role I wanted to have and I have loved every moment of it.

It has now been three years in the post, the majority of which was during the time of the Bute House Agreement where I made sure that relations with our colleagues in the Scottish Green Party were smooth throughout

I know relations with the other parties will be vital to ensure that the programme of the Scottish Government is progressed and we deliver for the people of Scotland.

Bearing in mind that you said in your acceptance speech that you wanted to work across the parliament to achieve your goals, I believe it would be best if I stepped aside and let someone new take on the role of Parliamentary Business and for me to leave government.

I will support you as you take forward the priorities of your government from the backbenches, champion the cause of independence and as always continue to represent the people of Paisley.

Kind regards

George Adam

Letter from First Minister John Swinney to Minister for Parliamentary Business George Adam – 8 May 2024

Dear George,

Thank you for your letter.

I am aware of how much you enjoyed your role as Minister for Parliamentary Business when I was Deputy First Minister and you reported directly to me. I was hugely thankful and grateful for all you did, particularly in ensuring the spirit of the Bute House Agreement was adhered to. I know that Shona and Humza feel the same.

We have been close friends for many years and I am sure we will remain so. Whilst you may not be in government, Elizabeth and I will continue to value the friendship and constant support we have from you and Stacey.

With my very best wishes,

Yours for Scotland

John Swinney

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