Mental Health Strategy for Scotland 2012-2015: Consultation Responses

Responses to the Mental Health Strategy Consultation


Mhs009 - Scottish Court Service

Mhs013 - Paths For All

Mhs021 - Scottish Youth Parliament

Mhs022 - Ot Dept, Argyll and Bute Hospital

Mhs024 - Falkirk and District Assoc For Mental Health

Mhs025 - Adult Protection, Argyll and Bute Council

Mhs026 - School Of Psychology

Mhs027 - Nursing and Midwifery Council

Mhs028 - Cahms stakeholder Reference Group (Scottish Government)

Mhs029 - Scottish- Crisis and Acute Network

Mhs030 - Chaplins Office, Royal Cornhill Hospital, Aberdeen

Mhs031 - Volunteer Centre, Edinburgh

Mhs032 - Victoria Integrated Care Centre, Helensburgh

Mhs034 - Scotland Therapy

Mhs035 - Advocacy Orkney

Mhs036 - Child and Adolescent Faculty, Rcpsych In Scotland

Mhs037 - Scottish Old Age Faculty, Royal College Of Psychiatrists

Mhs038 - Public Health Dept, Nhs Ayrshire and Arran

Mhs039 - NHS GgandC Subcommittee Of The Area Medical Committee

Mhs041 - Social Firms Scotland

Mhs043 - Independent Advocacy Perth and Kinross

Mhs044 - Scottish Primary Mh Workers Network

Mhs046 - Couple Counselling Tayside

Mhs047 - Mental Health Services, NHS Ayrshire and Arran

Mhs049 - Compass Team, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Mhs050 - Heads Of Psychology (Scotland)

Mhs051 - South Lanarkshire Council

Mhs054 - NHS Highland Argyll and Bute Council

Mhs055 - NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Mhs056 - NHS Grampian

Mhs058 - The Place2be

Mhs059 - Community Health Exchange

Mhs060 - Royal College Of Physicians Of Edinburgh

Mhs062 - Mental Health Allied Health Professionals, NHS Gg and C

Mhs065 - NHS Lothian Early Psychosis Support Service

Mhs066 - Paediatric Dept, NHS Forth Valley

Mhs068 - Bemis

Mhs069 - Bvccf_Mental Health and Wellbeing Forum

Mhs070 - Health Promotion, NHS Western Isles

Mhs071 - Cosca

Mhs072 - Bipolar Scotland

Mhs075 - Dietetic Dept, Royal Cornhill Hospital, NHS Grampian

Mhs076 - Scottish Council On Deafness

Mhs077 - Ahp's In Mental Health Clinical Leads Group

Mhs078 - Cornerstone

Mhs079 - Mh Improvement Network, NHS Gg and C

Mhs080 - Caithness Health Improvement Forum

Mhs081 - Mh Spiritual Care Service

Mhs082 - NHS Tayside

Mhs084 - Rhsc Yorkhill

Mhs085 - School Of Nursing, Napier University

Mhs086 - East Ayrshire Council

Mhs088 - Mental Health Aberdeen

Mhs091 - Your Voice

Mhs092 - Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance

Mhs093 - Scottish Centre For Healthy Working Lives

Mhs094 - Youngminds

Mhs095 - Focus Arbd

Mhs096 - Nhs Forth Valley

Mhs097 - Green Exercise Partnership_Nhs Health Scotland

Mhs098 - Social Work Services, NHS D and G, D and G Council

Mhs100 - Roche Products Ltd

Mhs101 - Dundee Educational Psychology Service

Mhs102 - Ld Psychiatry, Nhs Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Mhs103 - Shared Care Scotland

Mhs104 - College Of Occupational Therapists

Mhs105 - NHS Health Scotland

Mhs106 - Support In Mind Scotland

Mhs107 - Senior Nurse Group - Mhld Services, NHS Grampian

Mhs109 - Say Women

Mhs110 - Area Clinical Forum, Nhs Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Mhs115 - Sdmhcf and Bda

Mhs116 - Ukpts

Mhs117 - Aberdeen Council, Social Care and Wellbeing

Mhs118 - Highland User Group

Mhs119 - Changing Faces

Mhs120 - Nhs Tayside

Mhs121 - Ahp Mental Health Clinical Leads, Nhs Lothian

Mhs122 - Child Heads Of Psychology (Chops)

Mhs123 - Turning Point Scotland

Mhs124 - People First (Scotland)

Mhs125 - Forth Valley Mental Health Partnership

Mhs126 - Midlothian Council

Mhs127 - Your Voice Inverclyde and Acumen

Mhs128 - NHS Orkney and Orkney Islands Council

Mhs129 - Scottish Borders Mental Health Improvement Steering Group

Mhs130 - Perth and Kinross Community Planning Partnership

Mhs131 - Mental Welfare Commission

Mhs132 - Scottish Recovery Network

Mhs133 - The British Psychological Society

Mhs134 - D Pickering

Mhs136 - Tayside Forensic Voices

Mhs138 - Assocation- Of Child Psychotherapy

Mhs139 - NHS Fife

Mhs140 - Emergency Access Team, NHS Lothian

Mhs142 - Greenspace Scotland

Mhs143 - Dept Spiritual Care, Nhs Tayside

Mhs145 - West Dunbartonshire Chcp

Mhs147 - Kibble Education and Care Centre

Mhs148 - For Scotland's Disabled Children Forum

Mhs150 - Bacp

Mhs151 - Augment (Scotland) Ltd

Mhs152 - Barnardo's Scotland

Mhs153 - Suicide Prevention Forum, Glasgow Chp-Ne Sector

Mhs154 - Scottish Union Of Supported Employment

Mhs155 - Scottish Medical and Scientific Committee

Mhs156 - Flourish House

Mhs158 - Rnib Scotland

Mhs159 - Edinburgh and Lothians Asperger Society

Mhs161 - Person - Centered Therapy Scotland

Mhs163 - Infant Mental Health Interest Group Of Child Mh

Mhs166 - Befriending Networks

Mhs168 - Article 12 In Scotland

Mhs169 - West Lothian Chp

Mhs170 - Quarriers

Mhs171 - Ramh

Mhs172 - Mh Improvement Special Interest Group, Nhs Health Scotland

Mhs173 - Church Of Scotland Social Care Council

Mhs174 - Church Of Scotland Church and Society Council

Mhs175 - Scottish Wildlife Trust

Mhs176 - Lanarkshire Partnership

Mhs177 - Lgbt Youth Scotland

Mhs178 - Celcis

Mhs179 - Scottish Independent Hospitals Assoc

Mhs180 - British Assoc Of Art Therapists

Mhs182 - The State Hospital

Mhs183 - Federation Of City Farms and Community Gardens

Mhs184 - The National Deaf Childrens Society

Mhs185 - User and Carer Involvement

Mhs186 - Aberdeenshire Health Improvement Group

Mhs187 - Largo Area Community Council

Mhs189 - Alzheimer Scotland Aberdeen

Mhs190 - Royal College Of Psychiatrists In Scotland

Mhs191 - Scotland's Commissioner For Children and Young People

Mhs192 - Scottish Mental Health Managers Advisory Group

Mhs195 - Aberdeen City Choose Life Sg

Mhs196 - Action On Depression

Mhs198 - Mental Health Nursing Forum

Mhs200 - Acumen

Mhs201 - Cosla

Mhs202 - Young Scotland In Mind

Mhs204 - Grampian Mental Health Collaborative

Mhs205 - Aberdeen University Students Association

Mhs206 - University Students Association

Mhs207 - Assocation Of Directors Of Social Work

Mhs208 - Chartered Society Of Physiotherapy

Mhs209 - Royal College Of Nursing

Mhs210 - The Consultation and Advocacy Promotion Service

Mhs211 - East Ayrshire Chp

Mhs213 - Scottish Prison Service

Mhs214 - Scottish Trades Union Congress

Mhs215 - NHS24

Mhs216 - Families Outside

Mhs217 - Aberlour Child Care Trust

Mhs218 - East Lothian Joint Mental Health Planning Group

Mhs219 - University Of Stirling Students Union

Mhs220 - Shetland Mental Health Partnership

Mhs221 - Heads Of Ld Psychology Services, NHS Scotland

Mhs222 - Carers Scotland

Mhs223 - Klacksun

Mhs224 - Camphill Scotland

Mhs226 - Scottish NHS Assoc For Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Services

Mhs227 - NHS Education For Scotland

Mhs228 - Common Wheel

Mhs229 - Vox

Mhs231 - South West Scotland- Community Justice Authority

Mhs234 - Mh Services Public Reference Group, Nhs Ayrshire and Arran

Mhs235 - Area Psychology Committee, Nhs Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Mhs236 - Stirling Users Network

Mhs237 - Dundee Mh Wellbeing Network -Multi Agency Group

Mhs239 - Lgbt Centre For Health and Wellbeing

Mhs240 - Scottish Institute Of Human Relations

Mhs241 - Lead Scotland

Mhs242 - The Garnethill Centre, Glasgow

Mhs243 - The Rivers Centre, Nhs Lothian

Mhs244 - The National Autistic Society Scotland

Mhs245 - Addressing The Balance

Mhs246 - Action In Mind

Mhs247 - Support In Mind Scotland

Mhs248 - Coalition Of Care And Support Service Providers In Scotland

Mhs249 - Assoc Of Chief Police Officers Scotland Reference Group

Mhs250 - Strathclyde Fire and Rescue

Mhs251 - Youthlink Scotland

Mhs252 - Community Links (South Lanarkshire)

Mhs253 - Hope (Scotland) Ltd

Mhs255 - Mental Health Improvement National Network

Mhs256 - North Ayrshire Integrated Children's Services Partnership

Mhs257 - Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Mhs258 - Alcohol Focus Scotland

Mhs259 - Scottish Marriage Care

Mhs260 - Long Term Conditions Alliance Scotland

Mhs261 - Lead Clinicians For Sexual Health

Mhs262 - Heriot Watt University Student Union

Mhs263 - Lanarkshire Links Members

Mhs265 - Royal College Of General Practioners

Mhs266 - Inverclyde Chp

Mhs268 - Scottish Assoc For Mental Health

Mhs269 - Health Improvement Scotland

Mhs271 - West Glasgow Grandparent Carers Group

Mhs272 - Mental Health Foundation On Bahalf Of Ethnicity In Mind

Mhs273 - Scottish Government Child and Maternal Health Division

Mhs274 - Ingeus Uk Ltd

Mhs277 - Borders Recovery Network

Mhs278 - Parenting Across Scotland

Mhs279 - Mental Health Foundation

Mhs280 - Capability Scotland

Mhs281 - Plus Perth and Kinross

Mhs284 - National Union Of Students Scotland

Mhs285 - Ld Section, Royal College Of Psychiatrists In Scotland

Mhs286 - Strathelyde Gay and Lesbian Switchboard

Mhs288 - Psychotherapy Division, Nhs Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Mhs289 - Parkinson's Uk

Mhs290 - Child and Adolescent Mh Services, NHS Dumfries and Galloway

Mhs292 - Allied Health Professionals Scotland Group

Mhs293 - Action-On Hearing Loss

Mhs295 - Glasgow City Chp, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Mhs296 - Health Promotion-NHS Lothian

Mhs297 - Care Inspectorate

Mhs298 - Autism Rights

Mhs299 - East Dunbartonshire Council

Mhs300 - National Child Psychiatry Inpatient and Daypatient Unit

Mhs301 - Dundee Partnership

Mhs302 - Aberdeen Council Of Voluntary Organisations

Mhs303 - Equality and Human Rights Commission

Mhs305 - Reid Kerr College

Mhs308 - Edinburgh Joint Mental Health planning Forum

Mhs309 - Scottish Drugs Forum

Mhs310 - Scottish Natural Heritage

Mhs311 - Childline

Mhs312 - Penumbra

Mhs313 - Unison

Mhs314 - Royal College Of Speech and Lanuage Therapists

Mhs315 - Children 1st

Mhs316 - Learning Disability Alliance Scotland

Mhs318 - Greater Glasgow and Clyde Psychiatric Advisory Committee

Mhs326 - Miscarriages Of Justice Organisation

Mhs329 - Angus Council, Social Work and Health

Mhs330 - Forensic Mental Health Services Managed Care Network

Mhs331 - Tayside Carers Support Project

Mhs332 - Glasgow Housing Assoc

Mhs333 - The Coach House Trust

Mhs334 - Glasgow Carers Forum Mental Health_Gamh

Mhs335 - Reach Community Health Project

Mhs336 - Scottish Human Rights Commission

Mhs337 - NHS Lothian

Mhs338 - The College Of Mental Health Pharmacy

Mhs339 - Aberdeenshire Council

Mhs340 - British Deaf Association

Mhs341 - NHS Fife

Mhs342 - Scottish Womens Convention

Mhs344 - Social Work Services, Highland Council

Mhs149 - The Princess Royal Trust for Carers and The Scottish'Young Carers Services Alliance

Mhs199 - NHS Borders and Scottish Borders Council



Mhs 001 - M Maas - Lowit

Mhs004 - Rev Lorna Murray

Mhs005 - R Bate

Mhs008 - Dr M Van Beinum

Mhs010 - W Hunter Watson

Mhs011 - Mrs Catherine Kyle

Mhs015 - A Muir

Mhs023 - L Greer

Mhs030 - Chaplins Office, Royal Cornhill Hospital, Aberdeen

Mhs048 - Mr R Brinklow

Mhs052 - Mr S Herring

Mhs057 - Mr R Saville-Smith

Mhs073 - Ramh Carers Group

Mhs074 - Ms D Francis

Mhs108 - Dr A Hull

Mhs112 - Ms S Robertson

Mhs134 - D Pickering

Mhs144 - David Thaw

Mhs157 - Ms Pippa Coutts

Mhs162 - Mrs S Lloyd

Mhs164 - Dr Helen Ward

Mhs193 - Mr M Frank

Mhs203 - Mrs C Muirhead

Mhs232 - Mrs Catherine Kyle

Mhs283 - Mr Chris Gratton

Mhs287 - Mrs Moira Shulman

Mhs306 - Dr Catherine Chiang



Mhs003 - Respondent

Mhs006 - Respondent

Mhs007 - Respondent

Mhs012 - Respondent

Mhs014 - Respondent

Mhs016 - Respondent

Mhs017 - Respondent

Mhs018 - Respondent

Mhs033 - Respondent

Mhs045 - Respondent

Mhs061 - Respondent

Mhs111 - Respondent

Mhs113 - Respondent

Mhs114 - Respondent

Mhs135 - Respondent

Mhs137 - Respondent

Mhs165 - Respondent

Mhs212 - Respondent

Mhs225 - Respondent

Mhs233 - Respondent

Mhs238 - Respondent

Mhs291 - Respondent

Mhs294 - Respondent

Mhs321 - Respondent

Mhs322 - Respondent

Mhs323 - Respondent

Mhs325 - Respondent


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