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The decline of wild salmon in Scotland and the strategies to protect them.

  • Wild Atlantic salmon returning to Scotland's coasts continue to decline
  • the Wild Salmon Strategy and Implementation Plan aims to tackle the pressures on wild salmon
  • District Salmon Fishery Boards and charitable trusts work towards salmon conservation
  • a new science board provides evidence for policy development and management
  • progress has been made in reducing diffuse pollution and improving water quality
  • in-river habitat improvement includes peatland restoration and barrier removal
  • measures are being taken to address climate change, invasive species, angling, and the coastal environment
  • the Scottish government has provided additional funding for monitoring wild salmon populations

Progress of the Wild Salmon Strategy and Implementation Plan - updated April 2024

Collecting the Marine Scotland salmon and sea trout fishery statistics - updated May 2023

Reporting pink salmon: updated May 2023
South Esk tracking project: updated October 2016
Rotary screw traps in Scotland: updated November 2016
Automatic salmon counters: updated November 2016
Ferox trout: updated October 2016
Summer 2018 river temperatures: October 2019
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