Marine Scotland: Red Rocks and Longay stakeholder meeting summary - Ministry of Defence (MOD) - 25 November 2021

Minutes from the Marine Scotland - Red Rocks and Longay stakeholder meeting on 25 November 2021.

Attendees and apologies


  • Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  • Marine Scotland

Items and actions


  • welcome and introductions
  • background on Red Rocks and Longay MPA
  • update on latest flapper skate surveys
  • proposed extended boundary
  • next steps and consultation
  • discussion – question/comments on presentation and document provided

Marine Scotland did a quick round of introductions and gave presentation covering agenda items one to five.


MOD will need to check with Scottish contacts and ask for any comments but don’t anticipate there will be any issues.

Relevant point of contacts aware original site has been designated – just a case of disseminating the new site boundary to them.

Joint warrior event cancelled next year – next one not till Autumn next year. This gives some additional time if there is any anticipated issues. 

UKHO will need to be updated with the new site boundary coordinates.

Action point 

  • Marine Scotland to send the presentation, meeting minutes of 24 November, meeting summary, final interim co-ordinates and map to MOD
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