Marine Scotland: Red Rocks and Longay stakeholder meeting summary - Highland Council - 8 December 2021

Minutes from the Marine Scotland - Red Rocks and Longay stakeholder meeting on 8 December 2021.

Attendees and apologies


  • Highland Council
  • Marine Scotland

Items and actions


  • welcome and introductions
  • background on Red Rocks and Longay MPA
  • update on latest flapper skate surveys
  • proposed extended boundary
  • next steps and consultation
  • discussion – questions/comments on presentation and document provided

Marine Scotland gave presentation covering agenda items one to five.

General points

Highland Council raised no issues with the proposed extended boundary – noted there are no current aquaculture permits for the proposed extended area.

Type of habitat flapper skate like to use as nursery grounds discussed in more detail.

Highland Council noted, with the preferred habitat type described it could be likely more areas are being used nearby by the skate to lay eggs.

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