Marine Scotland compliance: notice of items and gear seized

Marine Scotland Compliance seized the following fishing gear and other items on behalf of Scottish Ministers.

Under the Aquaculture and Fisheries (Scotland) Act 2013, section 42, Scottish Ministers must serve a “Notice of Collection” on every person who appears to be an owner of the object.

Scottish Ministers are unable to identify the owners of the following equipment and are taking this step in order to bring it to the attention of persons likely to have an interest in it.

Our ref. no. Date seized Location seized Description
3 26/03/2017 Chappel Rossan Bay Red Honda Generator
4 03/07/2021 Largs White monofilament nets
5 03/07/2021 Largs White monofilament nets
6 29/09/2021 Whiting Bay MPA Orange and green creel
7 29/09/2021 Whiting Bay MPA Black creel
8 00/11/2015 Luce Bay Green invertor 250 welding box
9 15/10/2015 Luce Bay Yellow giant welding box
10 00/11/2017 Luce Bay Red Qube welding box
12 27/07/2017 Drumore Two razor clam net bags
14 Unknown Unknown Sincro welding box
20 07/03/2015 Port of Ness Green monofilament nets
21 01/08/2017 Cairnryan Generator, cables and giant welding box
22 30/04/2015 Luce Bay Bue and red Sincro EA200 generator
25 08/06/2022 Loch Arnish Rope
26 Unknown Curry Electro fishing probes
28 16/11/2019 Unknown Creel pot
29 14/05/2021 Holy Loch Electro fishing probes
30 14/05/2021 Holy Loch Foldable 12kg anchor
31 14/05/2021 Holy Loch Electro fishing frame
32 14/05/2021 Holy Loch Electro fishing probes
33 22/01/2017 Luce Bay Electro fishing probes
39 Uknown Unknown 17 black creels
40 30/10/2020 Unknown 16 blue and black creels with orange buoys
41 Unknown Unknown 6 green and blue creels with red buoys

How to claim

If you believe that you may be an owner of any of the items or gear listed on this page, please contact in the first instance to make arrangements.

You will need to give your name, address and reasons as to why you think the items or gear might belong to you, which may include giving a more detailed description of the items or gear. 

The items or gear will be made available for collection at a time to be arranged with Marine Scotland, Marine Lab, Aberdeen.

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