Marine science: research vessels and technology

Information on the research vessels owned and operated by Marine Scotland Science (MSS).

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Main Activities:

Operational Areas:




Fisheries Research

North Sea and North East Atlantic

Ferguson Shipbuilders Ltd of Port Glasgow

Skipsteknisk A/S, of Ålesund, Norway

Lloyds+ 100A1 Ice Class 1D +LMC +UMS +SCM "Fishery Research Vessel"

Length OA: 68.60 metres
Length BP: 60.60 metres
Breadth mld: 15.00 metres
Draught: 5.60 metres
Service speed: 13 knots
Quiet running speed: 10-11 knots
Max towing speed: 5.5 knots (30 tonne pull)
Main engines: Three Wärtsilä Type 9L20 DE Marine diesel engines
Generators: Three Ansaldo Type GSCR630X8
Propulsion motors:

Two Ansaldo Type DH900DC

Auxiliaries: One Cummings harbour alternator (240 KW)
One Cummings emergency alternator (88 KW)
Power supply: A 230 volt 'clean' electrical supply is provided by two Hitzinger Motor Generators
Bow thruster: Elliot 'White Gill' Bow thruster (720 KW)
Stern thruster: Brunvoll electric tunnel thruster (380 KW)

One Furuno Far 2835 - S ARPA radar

Two Furuno FR 2110/6.5 'X' band radar

One Racal Marine Mk53 Decca receiver

One Raytheon Nav 398 Loran C receiver

One Sercel NR 58 DGPS satellite receiver

One Sercel NR 230 DGPS satellite receiver

Two Microplot Mariner Navigation plotters with ARCS charts

One Furuno FE680 Navigational echosounder

One Robertson Autopilot

Two RGC11Gyro compasses

One Lilley and Gilley Sestreline Class A magnetic compass

One Furuno CI -35 Current/Speed log

One Sailor communication equipment fully compliant to GMDSS area

Accommodation: 17 Crew, 12 Scientists

One Aukra Type KDE60, articulated telescopic cod-end handling crane

One Aukra 5T hydrographic equipment crane

One Aukra 10T hydraulic plankton crane

One Aukra 10T hydraulic crane to load containerised laboratories

One Odim hydraulic Gamma frame (6.5T)


Two Brattvaag Type D2M300 main trawl winches, housed below the main trawl deck. Maximum pull of 34T, capacity of 3,500m of 28mm wire

One Ulstein synchro 2020 auto trawl system for automatic control and monitoring of both trawl winches 2 Brattvaag Type DMM 14185 Gilson winches, each with a midpull of 13T with a wire capacity of 200 m of 28mm wire

Two Brattvaag Type Net 2M4185 split netdrums with removable dividing flange. Each has a midpull of 24T and a drum capacity of 10m3

One Brattvaag Type Net M2202 net storage drum located in the net repair area

Eight Brattvaag low pressure hydraulic winches are provided for hydrographic and specialised scientific purposes.

Acoustic Equipment:

Simrad EK500 echosounder: 38kHz, 120kHz, 200kHz

Simrad EA 500 oceanographic sounder: 18kHz

Simrad EM 950 multibeam swathe echosounder: 95kHz

RDI broad band ADCP: 150kHz

Simrad SH80 short range sonar: 115-122kHz (tunable)

Simrad SR 240 long range sonar: 24kHz

Simrad SM2000P multibeam profiling sonar: 200kHz

Simrad ES 60 fishing echosounder: 50/200kH

Simrad ITI trawl instrumentation system

Scanmar trawl instrumentation system

Simrad echosounding synchronisation system


Marine Scotland
Mailpoint 11
1B South
Victoria Quay

0300 244 4000


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