Marine licensing and consenting: making a representation on an application

Advice on how to make a representation on an application for a marine licence and section 36 consent.

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In most cases, details of applications for marine licences and section 36 consents are made available on Marine Scotland information and a notice of an application is published.

The licensing authority must have regard to any representations which it receives from any person having an interest in the outcome of the marine licence application.

Notice of marine licence applications should state:

  • that the application has been made, what it is for, together with a description of the location to which it relates
  • where a copy of the application, and maps of areas it refers to, can be inspected by members of the public
  • the date by which representations should be made as well as the address where these should be sent

Notice of section 36 consent applications should describe, by reference to a map, the land to which the application relates and name a place where the map may be inspected.

There is a requirement for public notices to be placed for projects which require an environmental impact assessment (EIA). The requirements are set out in the EIA regulations.

Any representation to Marine Scotland - Licensing Operations Team (MS-LOT) should identify the proposal and specify the grounds for representation.

If supplementary environmental information regarding an application is received from the applicant, all previous representations received in relation to the application remain valid.

MS-LOT is unable to receive representations in advance of an application being consulted upon.

Any representations regarding an application should be made MS-LOT.


See MS-LOT's contact details.

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