Marine Fund Scotland 2022-2023: beneficiaries

Details of awards made under the Marine Fund Scotland 2022 to 2023

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KIMO International

A voluntary scheme aiming to remove 150t of litter from the sea in 22/23, also raise awareness of the damage caused by marine litter by engaging with the fishing industry, local communities and school children.




MFV Karen Ann II

Installation of a new ice machine, weighing system and net monitoring system, aiming to reduce the fuel use of the vessel and improve efficiency




R W Gibson and Sons Limited

Installation of new refrigeration and ice machine aiming to reduce the fuel use of the vessel.




Lunar Freezing and Cold Storage Company Ltd

Installation of solar panels on 8 buildings in order to allow the business to minimising its carbon footprint and, in the long term achieve net zero.




Thistle Seafood Limited

Purchase of equipment allowing Thistle to start processing at a previous fish processing factory, this will save 40 jobs and create 60 more. It will allow investment in water treatment, and the cold storage enables more efficient distribution which reduces the road miles of products.




Moray Firth Coastal Partnership

Appointment of a Marine Environment and Education Co-ordinator who will facilitate workshops, beach cleans, and provide educational packs to schools and provide community education. This will lead to a reduction in the production of Marine litter.




Bells Seafood Ltd

A new salmon filleting line which aims to meet increase in demand by producing more product while also reducing wastage.




Solway Firth

The project will provide data on marine litter while improving environmental quality, social resilience and cohesion, and participants’ inclusion, health and well-being. Strengthening partnership working with local volunteer groups, businesses, and marine communities to undertake beach cleans workshops and general education.




EGCP Limited

The project will reduce marine litter along the East Grampian coastline between Fraserburgh and St Cyrus.




Thistle Seafood Limited

Thistle Seafoods Ltd (TSL) are purchasing machinery that will increase efficiency and reduce pastry wastage during the production of en croute products.




Sildvik Ltd

A young fisher purchasing their first vessel fishing for creel caught prawns.




Landcatch Natural Selection Limited

New heat pumps and oxygen generation systems being installed. This will enable the site to meet 100% of energy demand from renewables. They will also improve fish health and growth by optimising water temperature and oxygen content.




EcoCascade CIC

Purchase and installation of new equipment into a state-of-the-art seaweed processing facility suitable for end markets of food and bio extracts including traceability of seaweed from delivery to dispatch. Ecocascade is a Community Interest Company (CIC) and will provide seaweed processing services to seaweed farmers.




Organic Sea Harvest

Installation of innovative full containment facilities at Lochinver, which aims to reduce the number of wasted sea journeys due to bad weather. This will reduce fuel use, improve animal welfare, and allow the company greater continuity of supply.




Aquascot Limited

Improvements and modernisation of the salmon and trout processing facilities at the factory. This will increase production while reducing waste, energy and water use. Aquascot are the largest employee-owned business in Scotland.




Barratlantic Ltd

An expansion of freezing facilities to allow the company to diversify its markets into supplying UK retail with premium frozen shellfish. The project will also allow the company to meet certification standards and improve staff facilities at the largest employer on Barra.




Salar Pursuits Limited

Development of an innovative enclosure aimed at reducing sea lice. This is much needed in the industry to support the growth of Salmon smolts.




Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group

Installation of new refrigeration, this will be more efficient and reduce the company’s energy requirements.




Ronald Norquoy

Purchase of a refrigerated vehicle to enable direct sales of local seafood within Orkney, which have been in high demand post covid.




Fraserburgh Freezing and Cold Storage Limited

The project aims to increase freezing and cold storage to meet demand and also reduce freezing time and improve product quality. The new more efficient equipment and solar panels will reduce the company's carbon footprint.




Virtuous LLP

New fishing gear which aims to reduce the fuel use of the vessel.




Seafood Ecosse Limited

New purpose-built staff facility building which will improving the facilities for staff and making Seafood Ecosse a more attractive employer. Longer term the new building enables the company to free up space in the existing factory to increase production.




Whitelink Limited

Purchase and installation of shellfish holding tanks to allow the company to diversify into processing new species, namely lobster and crab. These are premium products and will help mitigate the variances in supply of other raw materials.




Peterhead Port

The planned project being undertaken by Peterhead Port Authority (PPA) consists of the construction of a new quality flake ice plant. The new ice plant will use 20% less energy than the old one and will be powered partly by solar panels.




Atlantic Salmon Trust

To improve information on the migration pathways of salmon smolts from nine West coast rivers to the open ocean. The project aims to inform the regulatory system for offshore developments such as aquaculture and renewable energy.




The Scottish Association for Marine Science

To conduct field surveys on the abundance and distribution of razor clams (Ensis spp.) as part of the Scottish Government’s electrofishing trial. This will allow collection of further scientific data and estimation of sustainable harvest rates.




International Fish Canners (Scotland) Ltd

Operational improvements to increase throughput, reduce waste and reduce the use of packing materials.




Sandisland Workshop Ltd

Trial conversion of vessel engine from diesel to a renewable energy source. This will save fuel, allowing the vessel to become a zero carbon. Findings from the project will be shared with the industry as a case study.




Kircudie Fishing Company

New fish handling and refrigeration systems, improving catch quality and reducing fuel consumption.




Andromeda Fishing Limited

Upgraded freezing facilities onboard, this aims to improve quality, reduce waste and reduce fuel usage.




MB Bracoden

Installation of freezing capabilities onboard fishing vessel. Freezing on board will ensure the highest quality retained and provide greater efficiency. Fuel use will also be reduced.




Fraserburgh Harbour Commissioners

Purchase of an electric trash-skimmer vessel which aims to improve the marine environment in the harbour by keeping it free of marine litter in an efficient, cost effective and low carbon way. This will improve the harbour environment for users, visitors and wildlife.




Aurora fishing

Diversification of a fishing business by developing a new processing facility, processing locally caught shellfish for direct sales, local restaurants, and wholesale.




Pitcairn Fishing Company Ltd

New innovative design of fishing gear which aims to reduce fuel use and improve catch quality.




MB Aquarius Limited

New fishing gear aiming to reduce fuel use and reduce unwanted catch.




Atlas FR101 LLP

New lighter fishing gear which aims to reduce the fuel use of the vessel.




MB Denarious BF804 LLP

New lighter fishing gear which aims to reduce the fuel use of the vessel.




MB Amethyst BF19

New fishing gear aiming to reduce the fuel usage of the vessel.




Krisp Camp ltd.

Diversification of a fishing business into direct sales, investing in lobster holding tanks to improve welfare and prolong the season. Creation of an 'outdoor kitchen' diner selling local seafood and produce where customers will be educated about sustainable seafood.




Highland Fish Products

Purchase of equipment to increase product quality and energy efficiency, allowing the company to become more resilient by increasing their sales.




Denholm Seafoods Ltd

A new cold store aiming to almost double cold storage and freezing capacity, while improving freezing efficiency by 40%. Solar panels aim to reduce the energy requirement and carbon footprint of the factory.




Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre, hosted by the University of Strathclyde

A project to install and commission seaweed fermentation equipment. This will provide the growing Scottish seaweed industry with proof of principle to encourage seaweed farmers in Scotland, and across the UK, to explore this route to new product generation.




Bells Seafood Ltd

Purchase of processing equipment aiming to allow the company to convert by-products into value added products, reducing waste and improving returns to the company.




Opportunity Northeast

This award delivers the Seafood Transformation Project, an ambitious project to grow the seafood processing sector of NE Scotland. Assisting businesses to grow, developing markets and new products, investing in people, technology and facilities, all within a sustainability/net zero carbon framework.




James West

A new building to store material for recycling and reuse of parts of damaged/unusable fishing nets. This stops waste from going to landfill and reduces the cost of parts to the fishing industry.




Ocean Ecology Limited

A trial project to convert a vessel to an innovative hybrid electric and hydrogen injection propulsion system, findings will be applicable to inshore fishing and small aquaculture vessels.




Sound of Harris Shellfish Ltd

A new facility which will allow the business to process, pack and sell its own catch. The project aims to diversify the business, and supply locally caught seafood in the Hebrides.




Seafood Bothy Ltd

Expansion of the business, purchasing lobster holding tanks which aim to improve welfare and extend the season. The business supports the family fishing vessel, providing a direct market for local seafood, the project will educate visitors about sustainable seafood.




O B Fishing Company

New fishing gear which aims to reduce the fuel use of the vessel.




Dekmar Ltd

Project to create a facility based in Scotland for net recycling/marine litter. This will give both aquaculture and the fishing industry a sustainable route for end-of-life gear to be saved from landfill here in Scotland, which at present does not exist.




Loch Fyne Seafarms Ltd

New facility to process shellfish for premium markets in the US and Asia. The new facilities improved insulation and efficiency will reduce environmental impacts, the equipment will reduce waste by reducing shellfish mortality.




International Fish Canners (Scotland) Ltd

To install solar panels on the factory in Fraserburgh, this will reduce the energy requirement from the grid and reduce the company carbon footprint.




Nolan Seafoods (UK) Ltd

Installation of solar panels on the factory, this aims to reduce energy use from the national grid and reduce the companies carbon footprint.




C & A Thomason Ltd

Purchase of a workboat allowing the company to increase production to meet demand, this will allow the company to increase employment.




Seafood Scotland

Scottish Seafood Market Development 2022/23, promote and support Scottish seafood export markets especially in response to the covid pandemic, Brexit transition, and war in Ukraine. Encourage “Supply Local, Buy Local” message throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK. Find new markets, create understanding of the marketplace, and create a positive reputation for Scottish seafood.




Seafood Scotland

Scottish Nephrops Programme Development 2022-23, the project is to implement the strategy defined in the Nephrops report to achieve long term resilience of the Nephrops supply chain, and the long-term viability and profitability of the entire supply chain of Scottish Nephrops.




Scottish Fishermen's Federation

Independent Fisheries Science Support Scheme (Onboard Observers), the data collection underpins the annual stock assessment, provides information to inform conservation strategies and certification processes. The fishing industry and science institutes (nationally and internationally) will benefit, and so will certification bodies, conservation authorities, retailers and consumers.





Delivery of approved safety training for new entrant and experienced fishers working in Scotland’s commercial fishing industry.





Delivery of approved safety training for new entrant and experienced fishers working in Scotland’s commercial fishing industry.





Funding to help better assess and identify projects and opportunities that will improve and increase investment in Scotland’s marine natural capital.



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