Marine Fund Scotland 2021-2022: beneficiaries

Details of awards made under the Marine Fund Scotland 2021-2022.





Total Cost

Grant Awarded




Seafood Scotland


Seafood Scotland Market Recovery 2021-22


The activity proposed in this project is recovery in response to the impact upon the seafood sector during the pandemic and Brexit transition.








Tom Redman Fishing


B12595 -Improving the Efficiency of Fishing Vessel Enterprise

This project is aimed at making the boat more efficient overall by reducing its carbon footprint and improving the sustainability of the operation.











Messers George Downie



Construction of dry goods store and installation of Freezer


In order to increase production space and reduce congestion in the main factory Downies intends to relocate its internal dry storage/packaging storage to a new site. 











Katie LK 67


C20243 - Funding for small licensed fishing vessel

Purchase of fish bins and jigging machine.











Solway Firth Partnership


Solway Marine Litter Project





Solway Firth Partnership's (SFP) ambition is to have over 200 miles of cleaner coastline in Dumfries and Galloway by finding innovative solutions to the problem of plastic marine litter and encouraging positive action








RPA Consultancy




Scottish Aquaculture Seafood Supply Chain Cluster Organisation

The project aims to support the Aquaculture Growth Strategy and Blue Economy as well as global net zero targets and implement an ambitious, nature positive, industry-led organisation supporting sustainable growth across the entire aquaculture value chain.















Seacliff Fishing




Seacliff Seaweed




The new seaweed farming project will sit alongside our current lobster storage facility and will form part of the water purification system while providing a new income stream and diversification.













Deveron Fishing (Scotland) LTD



A10895 - Upgrades to increase quality on-board the fishing vessel


The project relates to the upgrade on-board the fishing vessel to directly relate to retaining quality of the catch through more efficient catching and holding upgrades being implemented.












The Ethical Shellfish Company

Improvement of facilities at processing unit


Project to develop and expand direct sales through investment in premises and vehicles.











Loch Fyne Langoustines Limited

Facility equipment for live shellfish storage


The building works include the provision of 9 refrigerated modular storage buildings & a blast freezer.










Shaulora Fishing Company Ltd


C19403- Upgrade fishing effort to reduce environmental impact

The project relates to the purchase of new designed lighter fishing gear that will aid quality, fuel savings and sustainability of species. 










Shaulora LLP



C21058 - Upgrade to create sustainable and environmental fishing effort

The proposed project involves upgrade of various equipment to improve sustainability.











Deveron Fishing (Scotland) LTD


A10827 - Increase quality and create high quality fish room environment

The owners are seeking to upgrade the economic and environmental operation of the vessel.












RWD Milcam LTD



Adopt Sustainable and low carbon hook and line fishing inshore fishery for demersal species

The project relates to the purchase and installation of line equipment which will allow the owner to undertake demersal fishing in a safe and sustainable manner.












Forth Marine



Forth Marine resource 2



This facility will concentrate the shellfish catch from East Lothian and store and process them for efficient onward distribution within the country and beyond.









Private Individual

New Entrant  - Sharyn Louise LK250 - A10558

Young Fisher







North Yell Development Council

Cullivoe Industrial Estate Phase 2

The overall aim of these projects is to create a hub for marine business development and job creation.








Private Individual

New Entrant - Sharyn Louise LK250 A10558

Young Fisher




Tranquillity Fishing Company LTD

C21135 - Skirt Net

New net aiming to reduce unwanted catch by 80%.





Fisher Training

Delivery of approved safety training for new entrant and experienced fishers working in Scotland’s commercial fishing industry.




Pulcea LTD

Developing a safe and effective sea lice treatment for gill compromised fish

This proposal is to build on the Company's existing research into the use of acoustic energy during H2O2 bath treatments, to develop a sea lice treatment that will be safe and effective for fish with gill compromise.




Fisheries Innovation Scotland

Smartrawl Phase 4: system integration & testing

Undertake image analysis for species identification and make iterative improvements to the system based on extensive field testing.




Andrew McEachern Fishing

A10450 - Safety is paramount

Fitting of various new equipment to improve the safety of the vessel.




Ashley Hock fishing

B12157 - Clifford Noel safety upgrades

Fitting of various new equipment to improve the safety of the vessel.




Dunbar Harbour Trust LTD

Dunbar Harbour Improvements to Maintenance Bay and New Toilets

To provide improvements to the fishing fleet maintenance bay thus supporting the sustainable growth of the Dunbar Fishing Community.




Davlin Fishing Company LTD

B14370 - Fitting ice plant to generate quality benefit

The project focus on the upgrade of on-board facility to generate a catch quality retention benefit




Marine Environmental Solutions LTD

Independent Fisheries Science Support Scheme

Data collection in support of fisheries science, management and policy by way of offshore observer trips on commercial fishing vessels and onshore sampling.




St Margaret's Hope Pier Extension

St Margaret's Hope Pier Extension

The purpose of the project is to carry out all the necessary works to enable the construction of a permanent extension to the existing pier at St Margaret’s Hope, Orkney.




Dundee University

Experiments and computations of wave and current interaction with offshore fish pens

This project focuses on the design and analysis of a novel organic particulate waste collection and recovery system for fish pens.




Glasgow Unviversity

Environmental DNA as a tool for avoiding seaweed farm biofouling

The knowledge generated by this project is critical for optimising site selection and harvesting timings and developing an early warning system of biofouling events within Seaweed Farming.




MacKinnon (Elgol) LTD

C19467 - Sonas SY60 Engine Replacement

This re-engineering project will immediately reduce current exhaust and particulates emissions.





Environmental DNA metabarcoding: an alternative to macrobenthics in fish-farm compliance assessments

This project will help ensure that farm assimilative capacity is sustainably utilised throughout the production cycle, enabling the sector to cost-effectively, and in near real-time, demonstrate compliance with regulations.




Shalanna LLP

C17269 - Fishroom and Fish Quality Project aboard MFV Shalanna BF843

Installation of new style Fish Hold Cooling System including insulation boards to fish room, on-board flake ice machine as well as installation of marine scales.




Loch Carloway Shellfish LTD

Mussel Farm in Loch Carloway

To purchase and install double line rope mussel floats at a site in Loch Carloway, Carloway, Isle of Lewis.




Kate & Co.

C21113 - Safety/Working Conditions Reducing Injuries/Increasing Turnover/Two Jobs

Various upgrades to ensure a safe working environment.




Aberdeenshire Council

Safety Hand Rails for Ladders

To supply and fit inverted U handrails to each of the new ladders that we have had installed




KIMO International

Fishing for Litter Scotland 2021 to 2022

Fishing for Litter Scotland is an award winning environmental project designed to engage the fishing industry in improving waste management practices and reducing the amount of marine litter in our seas.




Wakeful FR26 LLP

B11132 - Upgrades and Installation of Ice Machine

The project relates to the upgrade of the fish hold and the installation of ice manufacturing facilities onboard




Moray Council

Replacement Navigation Lights Buckie Harbour

The replacement of existing navigation lights resulting in an improvement to clarify the safe passage whilst realising modern solar technology.




Boy Frazer II LK137

C20701 Engine Replacement

New low emission engines




Aberdeenshire Council

Macduff Fishmarket Development

To undertake a feasibility study into a fish market at Macduff.




Private Individual

Integrity Shellfish - New fisher

Young Fisher




Tiree Crab Co.

Tiree Crab Company outlet

The facility will include a fishmonger with smokery and a fishing supplies retail outlet in the main town of Scarinish on the Isle of Tiree.





Defibrillators for SWFPA member

This project sets out to supply automatic defibrillators and provide training to use the equipment as well as wider CPR skills




Traigh Mhor Oysters

Movement Ashore

This project will see an oyster farm reduce its carbon footprint by migrating its activities from fuel intensive long line culture to less fuel intensive shore based trestle culture.




Mara Seaweed LTD

Sustainable Seaweed Supply Chain Scale Up

New seaweed processing facility in Fife, allowing the company to greatly increase its seaweed production




Opportunity Northeast

Seafood Transformation Project - Delivery Co-ordinator and Technical Training Manager

Employment of a Delivery Co-ordinator and Technical Training Manager, to underpin the Seafood Transformation Project.




Oban Port Users LTD

Energy Efficiency and Capacity Increase of Fish Pier Ice Plant

Upgrade to the existing plant comprising the installation of new and higher capacity freezing units and gearboxes.




Private Individual

C16102 New Entrant Purchase of Second Hand Fishing Vessel

Young Fisher




Private Individual

A24137 - New Fisher

Young Fisher




Private Individual

A11502 First Time Vessel Ownership

Young Fisher




Adorne Partnership

C20952 new Skirt fishing net

The project is set around the trial of a revolutionary new design of seine net that it is hoped will reduce the incidental bycatch of cod to less than 80% of previous levels.




Private Individual

B12480 - Financial assistance to purchase secondhand fishing boat

Young Fisher




Scottish Salmon Company

Applecross 4 (AP4)

Investment in an innovative Recirculating Aquaculture System reducing water use & waste, this aims to revolutionise the Scottish aquaculture process, specifically regarding the rearing of larger juvenile salmon within land-based freshwater sites.




D&G Nolan LTD

Cold Store Racking

To convert a bulk cold storage area to a bay racking format that will provide 576 pallet spaces. 




Private Individual

C20966 Or C19411 NEW ENTRANT

Young Fisher




Highland Fish Products

Upgrade of Premises and installation of equipment

Various upgrades to the processing premises.




Thistle Seafoods LTD

Project Robotics

To automate the chill coding process, improve efficiencies in the packaging and distribution processes, through increased throughput and reduce the level of wastage.




Thistle Seafoods LTD

Project Plastic Reduction

To modernise and automate the packaging section of the production line, which will automate the production of packaging trays.




Fraserburgh Freezing & Cold Storage LTD

Establishment of picking and packing facility

Upgrades to existing building to allow I to be used as a picking and packing facility.




J K Thomson

Development of Added Value and Packing Factory

New chilled storage, with the existing factory intended to become a dedicated salmon processing factory to include smoking and packing.




Fishermen's Mutual Association (Eyemouth) Ltd

Fishermen's Training Centre/Meeting Room

This project will provide a fit for purpose training facility in the upper floor of the FMA building.




Private Individual

C19627 - First Vessel Purchase

Young Fisher




Private Individual

C16102 Helmsdale Reliant II Buying a vessel

Young Fisher




North East Fishermen's Training Association

Fishermen's Safety Training Equipment

Replacement training equipment for MCA courses for fishermen.




Private Individual

C20972 - Purchase of first fishing vessel

Young Fisher




Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group

High Care Efficiency

The project is to invest in automation to improve efficiencies




Nolan Seafoods (UK) LTD

Filleting Line

To provide graded fish to feed into a filleting machine and then having the option for the fish skin to be removed.




Aberdeenshire Council

Installation of Electric Davit - Stonehaven

Installation of electric Davit




Private Individual

C19751 First Vessel Purchase

Young Fisher




Private Individual

Purchase of first vessel

Young Fisher




Private Individual

C19650 - First Vessel Purchase

Young Fisher




Nor-Sea Foods LTD

Pin Bonning Equipment

To become the first supplier to the UK retail market to offer an automated solution to mackerel fillets bone removal




International Fish Canners (Scotland) LTD

Catering Line

To improve the ergonomic design and improve the manual handing attributes of our existing catering line.




Seafood Scotland

Nephrops Strategy Implementation

The objective is to set up an industry-led, nephrops sector programme board to assist in the long term resilience of the Nephrops supply chain




Blueshell Mussels LTD

Increasing of mussel farming efficiency and accumulative growth

Increase production levels and efficiency of mussel farming





Turning the Plastic Tide

The project will reduce marine litter along the coastline of Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City, and North Angus, to Carnoustie.




Tarlair Fishing Co Ltd

B10135 - Upgrade quality of catch landed

By upgrading the internal fabric and provide modern efficient insulation the catch will be held at a constant temperature, improving the quality of catch landed.




Private Individual

C20182 Fisherman Under 40 years old

Young Fisher




Hunter Shellfish

Upgrade current mussel rope harvesting system

To upgrade current mussel rope harvesting system on mussel Farm.




Private Individual

C16198 - Purchase of share in fishing vessel

Young Fisher




Joseph Robertson (Aberdeen) LTD

Increase to Processing Capacity

This project is a processing line to process the fish efficiently and consistently using the latest coating and energy efficient technology.




Aberdeenshire Council

McDuff - Vessel Access Towers

This application is to facilitate the fabrication of 4 x Access Towers to improve safety




Private Individual

A21883 New Entrant

Young Fisher




Private Individual

B10184 First Time Purchase of Fishing Vessel Share

Young Fisher




Unst Shellfish Ltd

Mussel Farm Workboat Upgrade

This project is to refit and upgrade a vessel to allow it to work in the mussel farming sector.




MB Vision LLP

C17208  Increase the quality of the catch landed

The proposed project involves upgrade of equipment to generate a fuel saving benefit and reduce double handling of the catch. 




Inverlussa Shellfish Company LTD

Inverlussa Mussel Farm - Seed Project

Increased production in seed mussels.




Deveron Fishing (Scotland) Ltd

A10827 Energy efficient fishing gear

The project relates to the upgrade of the fishing gear to be more energy efficient and reduce the impact on the sea bed




MB Bountiful LLP

A10755 Upgrades to increase quality and reduce carbon footprint

The vessel is looking to upgrade to ensure that it can increase the quality of the catch landed, whilst at the same time work towards reducing emissions.




Private Individual

C17344 - New Entrant

Young Fisher




Private Individual

C17344 - New Entrant

Young Fisher




Elkanah Fishing Ltd

A12303 Environmentally friendly fishing gear with reduced discards

Replacing the boats current gear which will put less strain on the boats engine/gearbox and all related equipment.




Reaper Fishing Ltd

C16530 Environmentally friendly fishing gear

Purchase of a net that is easier to tow and will result in less fuel consumption and less strain on the vessel and equipment.




Private Individual

New Boat

Young Fisher




Private Individual

B14387 Start-up young fisherman

Young Fisher




Shalanna LLP

C17269 Energy efficient fishing gear

Upgrading the fishing nets will allow the vessel to fish more efficiently, reduce the demand on the engine, generate an environmental benefit.




Private Individual

C17576 -First time vessel owner

Young Fisher




Thule Ventus

Increase pate Production

To procure the equipment required to increase the production of existing Salt Cod Pate.




Shalanna LLP

C17269 Measures to retain the quality of the catch

Through implementing the project, quality of the catch would be retained and the crew will be able to operate on deck more safely due.




Shaulora Fishing Company Ltd

C19403 Increase the quality of the catch landed and provide a safety benefit for the crew

The aim of the project is to assist the vessel increase the quality of the catch landed.




Caledonia BCK35 Fishing LTD

C21157  Environmentally friendly fishing gear with greater selectivity

Purchase of nets which are easier for the boat to tow and put less strain on the main engine gearbox and all related equipment, resulting in fuel reduction.




Westburn Fishing Company Limited

C20787  Environmentally Friendly Fishing Gear

To purchase or newer, environmentally friendly fishing gear.




Atlas FR101 LLP

C17208 Environmentally enhanced fishing gear

By upgrading to more sustainable innovative fishing gear the vessel will fish more economically, reduce the demand on the engine, generate an on-board safety benefit, increase the quality of the catch landed.




Private Individual

A13865 Buy a boat

Young Fisher




Bow Fiddle Fishing Company LTD

C18903  Creating Freezing facility on-board the Moray Endevour

To project relates to the installation of a blast freezing facility on-board the vessel.




MV Gracious LTD

C18082 Fish Quality project by fitting Fresh Water Ice Machine

To install a new Geneglace Fresh Water Ice Machine.




Faithful Star LLP

C17058  Adopt quality and environmental efficient fishing method

The project relates to the upgrading of the fishing gear on-board the vessel& improve the quality of the catch landed and also assist in reducing the environmental impact of the vessel. 




Aberdeenshire Council

Extension of Chill Facility - Macduff Harbour

The project involves the extension of the chill room facility at Macduff Harbour.




Private Individual

A12800 Young fisherman’s boat fund

Young Fisher




Dive for Scallops

C18954 Reduce carbon Emissions

Conversion of equipment from diesel to electrical




AGD & Duff Partners LTD

Improved whitefish processing in Northeast Scotland

To fit out and equip a building, bespoke for their needs and of food quality standard for processing locally caught produce.




Bernard Corrigan Limited

Lobster Pod Shellfish Holding System

To improve sustainability and enhance quality of live lobster supply through investment in the proposed Lobster Pod Holding System




Private Individual

C18604 - New Entrant

Young Fisher




Private Individual

C18604 - New Entrant

Young Fisher




Private Individual

C18604 - new entrant

Young Fisher




North East Fishermen

Education equipment for safety courses

Teaching aids and practical demonstration equipment for MCA, STCW and Seafish courses.




JRR Fishing LTD

C21192 Environmentally friendly fishing gear and anti-slip deck coatings

Supply new Dyneema warp for trawl fishing and anti-slip coating on the fish handling deck.




Shalimar Fishing Company Ltd

A13161 Environmentally friendly fishing gear

Supply of a new design net for low drag fuel, efficiency and lighter on the ground.




Private Individual

C20972 First share in Fishing Vessel

Young Fisher




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