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Marine Fund Scotland 2021-2022: beneficiaries

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Published: 25 Aug 2021

Details of awards made under the Marine Fund Scotland 2021-2022.

25 Aug 2021
Marine Fund Scotland 2021-2022: beneficiaries
Ref. no. Applicant Project title Total cost Grant awarded
SCOMFF1114 Solway firth Partnership Solway Marine Litter Project £41,060.56 £ 38,260.56
SCOMFF1128 Private individual New entrant £100,000.00 £50,000.00
SCOMFF1132     Private individual New entrant £100,000.00 £50,000.00
SCOMFF1135 Tranquility Fishing Company Limited Skirt Net £28,900.00 £14,450.00
SCOMFF1136 Seafish     Fisher Training £280,000.00 £140,000.00
SCOMFF1159 Davlin Fishing Company Limited Upgrade of on-board facilities to enhance quality and reduce carbon footprint £111,489.00 £55,744.50
SCOMFF1160 MEF  Independent Fisheries Science Support Scheme £357,466.98 £357,466.98
SCOMFF1197 Private individual New entrant £40,000.00 £30,000.00
SCOMFF1212     SWFPA     Defibrillators for SWFPA members £80,200.00 £80,200.00
SCOMFF1110     Messrs George Downie Construction of dry goods store and installation of Freezer £412,078.00 £206,039.00
SCOMFF1104 Seafood Scotland Market Recovery 2021-22 £1,806,474.96 £1,806,474.96


Round 3

Ref. no. Applicant Project title Description Total cost Grant awarded
SCOMFF1117 Seacliff Fishing Seacliff Seaweed The new seaweed farming project will sit alongside our current lobster storage facility and will form part of the water purification system while providing a new income stream and diversification. The local restaurants and new online seafood delivery companies have expressed interest in using local seaweed as an ingredient.  £14,985.11
SCOMFF1143 Fisheries Innovation Scotland Smartrawl phase 4: system integration and testing. The Smartrawl concept is an innovative trawl design with a stereo camera to identify and size fish in the trawl extension, and a gate to release unwanted catch. Phase 4 will undertake image analysis for species identification and make iterative improvements to the system based on extensive field testing.  £177,000
SCOMFF1167 Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Centre (SAIC) Environmental DNA metabarcoding: an alternative to macrobenthics in fish-farm compliance assessments This project will develop and test a novel application of eDNA technology, which if successful will become available as an alternative method to traditional benthic monitoring techniques to meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate compliance.  £186,956.43 £186,956.43
SCOMFF1216 Celtic Sea Spice Company (Trading as Mara Seaweed) Sustainable Seaweed Supply Chain Scale Up New seaweed processing facility in Fife, allowing the company to  greatly increase its seaweed production and increased seaweed farming will capture 600t of co2/yr.   £1,253,172.10 £626,586.05
SCOMFF1217 Opportunity Northeast Seafood Transformation Project - Delivery Co-ordinator andTechnical Training Manager To deliver expertise and training to the seafood sector, enabling companies to gain accreditation, build markets, increase turnover, increase empolyment, increase GVA.  £52,000 £52,000


Round 4

Ref. no. Applicant Project title Description Total cost Grant awarded
SCOMFF1119 Deveron Fishing (Scotland) Limited A10895 - Upgrades to increase quality onboard the fishing vessel New refrigeration helping improve the quality of landings, more selective nets to reduce unwanted catch £45,095.00 £22,457.50
SCOMFF1124 Shaulora LLP - vessel Johanna M C21058 - Upgrade to create sustainable and environmental fishing effort New nets to improve selectivity and reduce unwanted catch.  £35,315.00 £17,657.50
SCOMFF1125 Deveron Fishing (Scotland) Ltd A10827 - Increase quality and create high quality fish room environment New refrigeration and auxillary power to reduce fuel consumption and in turn co2 emissions.  £58,505.10 £29,252.70
SCOMFF1165 MacKinnon (Elgol) Limited C19467 - Sonas SY60 Engine Replacement New engine to reduce co2 emissions £37,225.00 £11,167.50
SCOMFF1168 Shalanna LLP C17269 - Fishroom and Fish Quality Project aboard MFV Shalanna BF843 New ice machine, refrigeration and insulation to improve catch quality and reduce fuel use £74,095.00 £37,047.50
SCOMFF1174 Kate and Co. C21113 - Safety Deck improvements to increase the safety of the crew.  £510.28 £255.14
SCOMFF1177 Aberdeenshire Council Safety Hand Rails for Ladders fitting handrails to ladders to improve safety for harbour users.  £10,595.50 £10,595.50
SCOMFF1182 KIMO Fishing for Litter Scotland 2021 to 2022 Fishing for Litter Scotland is an award winning environmental project designed to engage the fishing industry in improving waste management practices and reducing the amount of marine litter in our seas.  The project targets for 2021/22 are as follows: - Land at least 150 tonnes of litter – Retain the existing 280 member vessels - Recruit at least an additional 30 member vessels - Increase the number of participating ports by at least 3 (to 23) £180,229.00 £178,729.00
SCOMFF1186 Wakeful FR261 LLP B11132 - Upgrades and Installation of Ice Machine Fishroom improvements and new ice machine to improve the quality of the catch and reduce fuel use.  £93,194.00 £46,597.50
SCOMFF1196 Aberdeenshire Council Macduff Fishmarket Development The project shall engage a consultant to deliver a feasibility study, The study shall provide a full appraisal of the opportunity and investigate the potential for the proposal to be taken to the capital stage. £22,905.00 £22,905.00
SCOMFF1239 Adorne Partnership C20952 new Skirt fishing net new nets to improve selectivity and reduce unwanted catch.  £25,980.00 £10,285.13


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