Marine and fisheries compliance: boardings of vessels in Scottish waters - June to December 2021

Number of vessels from both the UK and third countries boarded in Scottish waters by our Marine Protection Vessels (MPVs) crews.

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This is the publication of the numbers of vessels from both the UK and third countries boarded in Scottish waters by our Marine Protection Vessels (MPVs) crews in June, July, August and September 2021. The figures need to be seen in the context outlined in the accompanying text with the table.


June 2021

July 2021 August 2021 September 2021 October 2021 November 2021 December 2021



3 1   1    



1 3 1 1 4 1



1   1      



5 3   1 1 2



61 47 33 14 12 16



7 2   2    






1 3   1    
Sweden 2   3   3    

Grand total


79 62 35 25 17 19
  • the publication of this enforcement information will help increase transparency around the work we are doing to promote compliance with regulation; prevent and deter illegal activity, and respond with enforcement action when required to, in waters up to 200 nautical miles offshore of Scotland
  • Marine Scotland Compliance has three Marine Protection Vessels and two inshore Rigid Inflatable Boats that regularly undertake boardings of vessels operating in Scottish waters
  • our boardings are undertaken following a rigorous risk based process
  • vessel nationality does not play a significant part in this risk based process
  • on any given day, it is worth noting that the UK fishing fleet accounts for approximately 80% of vessels actively fishing in Scottish waters, therefore the proportion of UK vessels boarded is always likely to be more.
  • a number of the boarding’s of UK vessels will have occurred within territorial waters, where only UK vessels can legally fish. All boarding’s by the inshore patrol vessels and a number by the offshore vessels, will be within territorial waters and are therefore unlikely to involve non-UK vessels, this will also result in the proportion of UK vessels boarded being higher
  • these figures represent the boardings undertaken for the three months covering June, July and August 2021. We will then revert to publishing this data on a quarterly basis with the next publication in October and overlapping with this one
  • publication of boardings data from September 2021 continues our commitment to ongoing publication of this data. We are publishing data from one month (September) in order that we align future publication of data with the financial year. Publication of September data concludes the data for the second quarter of the year. The next publication will be in January 2022 where we will publish data covering the third quarter of the year from October, November and December
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