Making Scotland's future - a recovery plan for manufacturing: equality impact assessment

Considers the impact on people who share one or more of the nine protected characteristics specified in the Equality Act 2010, taking account of the requirements of the public sector equality duty.

Equality Impact Assessment - Results

Title of policy

Making Scotland's Future: A Recovery Plan For Manufacturing - published June 2021

Summary of aims and desired outcomes of the policy

Making Scotland's Future: A Recovery Plan For Manufacturing has been developed in collaboration with partners across the public, private and academic sectors, including significant input from industry.

In line with the report of the Advisory Group on Economic Recovery, which recommended that bespoke sector recovery plans are put in place, Making Scotland's Future: A Recovery Plan For Manufacturing proposes a series of targeted actions for public agencies, industry and academia to take forward by the end of 2021. They are designed to secure a strong, sustainable future for the manufacturing sector across four inter-dependent priority areas:

  • Collaboration and networks
  • Supply chains and competitiveness
  • Adaptation and transformation
  • Skills and workforce

The plan contains a number of both immediate actions, and longer term actions. Immediate actions have the full support of industry representatives involved in their development and reflect the urgency of certain activity needed as the economic crisis continues to evolve.

These actions have been designed to guide the manufacturing sector through its recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and to support the sector as it adapts to a changing world.

Author of the results EQIA

This Results Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) has been prepared by the Advanced Manufacturing team, Manufacturing and Industries Division, Directorate for Economic Development  

Date of publication

June 2021



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