Low Carbon Innovation Funding successful projects: March 2019

Stage 1 Development projects and Stage 2 Capital projects offered support from Low Carbon Innovation Funding, as of March 2019.

List of Stage 1 Development projects

Applicant Project LCITP support Summary Local authority area
Integrated energy systems

Glenshee Ski and Snowboard

Energy system


Develop IGBP for off gird energy system and transport project within Cairngorms National Park


Brathadair Limited

Pot ale treatment Claylands Farm


Develop IGBP for energy efficient process to produce heat from whisky co-products


Esco Energy Limited

Blackdog Aberdeenshire


Develop IGBP for low carbon hub incorporating district heat, solar, storage and transport


Scotland Gas Networks

Campbeltown Anaerobic Digestion


Develop IGBP for generation of biomethane to inject into existing independent gas grid

Argyll and Bute

Edinburgh Airport

Energy system


Develop IGBP for integrated energy system incorporating heat pumps, solar PV, anaerobic digestion and EV charging

City of Edinburgh

Abbey Ecosse

North Coast Energy Network


Develop IGBP for flexible heat and power network for business park using co-products from local distillery


Scotland Gas Networks

Hydrogen 100


Develop IGBP for demonstration domestic hydrogen gas network

Fife, Aberdeen, and Argyll and Bute

Low carbon heat

Dundee City Council

Dighty heat corridor


Develop IGBP for DH network to social housing, utilising waste heat from Energy from waste. Also incorporates Energy Hub at Regional Performance Centre for Sport

Dundee City

Ultra low emissions vehicle infrastructure

Scottish Borders Council

Vehicle charging infrastructure


Develop IGBP for smart charging, PV generation and battery storage to establish flexible system to support use of ULEV in Council HQ

Scottish Borders

City of Edinburgh Council

Solar and vehicle charging: Hermiston, Ingliston


Develop IGBP for ground mounted solar PV EV charging at Hermiston and Ingliston Park and Ride facilities

City of Edinburgh

Stirling Council

PSIH: integrated vehicle charging


Develop IGBP for Integrated Energy Systems approach which combines EV systems, PV and battery energy storage systems within Innovation Hub.


Stirling Council

Peak Integrates energy system


Develop IGBP for Stirling Sports Village using solar canopies


Kirkton of Monikie

Hydrogen supply company


Develop IGBP for medium scale hydrogen electrolyser and solar to potentially supply hydrogen fuel for Dundee's new fleet of fuel cell buses


Total LCITP Development Stage support offered - £667,727.00.


List of Stage 2 Capital projects

Applicant Project Potential LCITP support Summary Local authority area
Integrated energy systems
Mackie's Low carbon refrigeration £2,000,000 Low carbon absorption chiller from biomass to achieve efficient refrigeration of -25 C Aberdeenshire
Aberdeenshire Council Low carbon housing £2,000,000 Combination of battery storage and smart technology to overcome grid constraints which are currently preventing the development of large scale solar PV on social housing in Aberdeenshire Aberdeenshire
Low carbon heat
Midlothian Council Millerhill Heat Network £7,300,000 District heat network utilising heat from Millerhill EfW plant for new Shawfair development. Midlothian
Ultra low emissions vehicles
Aviva Low Carbon Travel Perth £1,500,000 Off grid solution for HQ site including carport solar, battery storage and EV charging Perth and Kinross

Total LCITP Capital Stage support offered - £12,800,000.00.


More information: Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme 



Email: LCITP@gov.scot

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