Loch Fyne Community Biosecurity Action Plan

Community led marine biosecurity action plan.

Marine invasive non-native species can pose threats to both marine industries and the natural environment. At a national level Marine Scotland is responding to the invasive species known as Carpet Sea Squirt – Didemnum vexillum – which is now present in Scottish waters. Carpet Sea Squirt can grow rapidly to cause heavy biofouling with impacts for boats and infrastructure and it can smother immobile species including farmed shellfish as well as natural features.

Carpet Sea Squirt is present in Loch Fyne and information has circulated to raise awareness of the issue. To complement the awareness raising work Marine Scotland commissioned this biosecurity plan to support marine users to contain the spread of the Carpet Sea Squirt and to minimise its potential impacts. Whilst this plan is focused on the Carpet Sea Squirt, D. vexillum, the actions listed are useful and practical against many marine invasive species.

Loch Fyne marine biosecurity plan
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