Development plan correspondence: list

Documentation relating to the development plans for strategic planning and local authority areas across Scotland.

Development plans set out how places will change into the future, including where development should and shouldn’t happen.

The statutory ‘development plan’ comprises the National Planning Framework (NPF) which covers all of Scotland and the local development plan (LDP) for each planning authority area.

There are several formal stages during preparation of the plan,  during which the Scottish Government will issue official correspondence to the planning authority.

A letter was issued to all planning authorities on 26 June 2024 regarding Action/Delivery Programmes: 

Local development plan documentation is available for the following local authority areas:

Previously in the four largest city region areas, the development plan included a strategic development plan (SDP). On 13 February 2023 SDPs and their associated supplementary guidance ceased to have effect and as such are no longer be part of the development plan. LDPs within SDP areas are no longer required to be consistent with the SDP.

Documentation relating to the strategic development plans is available:  




Area 2-F (South)
Planning, Architecture and Regeneration Division
The Scottish Government
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