Legal Aid Payment Advisory Panel minutes: November 2019

Minutes from the sixth meeting of Legal Aid Payment Advisory Panel, held on 12 November 2019.

Attendees and apologies


  • Neil Rennick, Chair
  • Ruth Innes QC, Faculty of Advocates
  • Paul Brown, Scottish Association of Law Centres
  • Colin Lancaster, Scottish Legal Aid Board
  • Raymond McMenamin, Scottish Legal Aid Board
  • Gillian Fyfe, Citizens Advice Scotland
  • Professor Frank Stephen, University of Manchester
  • Ronald Renucci QC, Faculty of Advocates
  • Mark Thorley, Law Society of Scotland
  • Ian Moir, Law Society of Scotland
  • Matt Taylor, Scottish Legal Aid Board

Scottish Government Official

  • Denise Swanson, Head of Access to Justice
  • Kieran Burke, Bill Team Lead, Access to Justice
  • Steven Ing, Economic Advisor, Justice Analytical Services                                                 
  • Rebecca Smith, Legal Services Regulation, Access to Justice                                  


  • Ross Yuill, Society of Solicitor Advocates
  • Professor Graeme Roy, University of Strathclyde
  • Professor Mike Danson, Economist

Items and actions


The Chair opened and welcomed members to the sixth meeting. 

Remit and Expected Outcomes

The purpose of the meeting was to recognise what the panel had considered to date and identify the further steps that need to be undertaken as we move forward. For the 6th meeting, the Chair asked for reflections from those members with an economics background, to capture their insight around the presentations and discussions that have taken place so far. 

Agenda Item 1: Reflections from Economist Panel Members

Professor Frank Stephen presented an engaging presentation, primarily around the legal aid payment models, and his reflections so far sparking valuable discussions within the panel. The presentation focussed on Mr Stephens’ research, from his own perspective which comes from a focus of a nature of law firms. There was also a brief paper tabled on behalf of Professor Mike Danson. 

Agenda Item 2: SLAB: Segmentation Data/Summary

Matt Taylor provided the panel with  descriptive paper on segmentation data. 

Agenda Item 3: SLAB’s Contracting Paper

Prior to the last meeting ,SLAB circulated a paper on Contracting. It was agreed that the panel revisit the paper at this meeting, having had more time to consider its contents.

Next meeting –Wednesday 8 January 2020, Legal Services Agency.

Legal Aid Payment Advisory Panel minutes: November 2019
Professor Mike Danson: Reflections
Professor Frank H Stephen: Legal Aid Payment
SLAB segmentation data
SLAB segmentation commentary
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