Keeping The Promise to all our children, young people, adults and families

A child friendly version of the Scottish Government's Promise Implementation Plan.


A message from the First Minister of Scotland

I have made a promise to the care community, a promise to ensure that you feel love, care and nurture wherever you grow up in Scotland. To help do this we will change the way the system around you works and do more to provide the support that you and your family needs.

I have met and heard many stories of children who grow up in care who go onto to flourish and do fantastic things, however I know that doesn't happen for everyone.

Your stories really help us make the changes that are necessary to improve lives and to help us to ensure that the memories made are good ones.

Almost three years on from the conclusion of the Independent Care Review, I am encouraged by the changes to services, structures and ways of working that have started to happen at both a local and national level.

We must keep up this good work, and I am proud to restate the commitment of the Scottish

Government to continue to put our full efforts into making change happen as quickly as possible.

With love,
Nicola Sturgeon



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