Jury Research Advisory Group meeting: November 2017

Meeting of the Jury Research Advisory Group.

Future meetings:

  • Next meeting - SG to provide options for dates and check RAG members’ availability.
  • SG to begin to schedule future meetings.

Attendees and apologies


Willie Cowan, Scottish Government, (Chair)

Nicola Edge, Scottish Government

Karen Auchincloss, Scottish Government

Sheriff Duff, Judicial Institute

Lord Turnbull

John Scullion QC, Faculty of Advocates

Anthony McGeehan, COPFS

Michael Walker, Law Society of Scotland

Lorraine Murray, Ipsos Mori

Rachel Ormston, Ipsos Mori

Professor Fiona Leverick, University of Glasgow

Professor James Chambers, University of Glasgow

Professor Vanessa Munro, University of Warwick

In attendance:

Edward McHugh, SCTS

Catherine Bisset, Scottish Government

Laura McDavitt, Scottish Government


Lesley Bagha, Scottish Government

Tamsyn Wilson, Scottish Government

Kay McCorquodale, SCTS

Items and actions

  • RAG content with membership of the group and its remit.
  • SG to set up web page for the jury research project where action points will be published.
  • Comments made by the group on the case simulation outlines to be taken into account by the researchers when developing the detailed scripts which will then be made available to RAG members for comment.
  • Researchers to consider issues around who should play the three main roles in the case simulations.
  • Film previously made by the Crown Office to be made available to the researchers.
  • Researchers to consider extending the timetable for the turnaround on comments on scripts.
  • Deliverables for RAG to contribute to: full draft scripts (to be circulated on 17 November for comments by 22 November), feedback on evidence review draft reports (aiming to circulate on 22 December for comments by 19 January), pre- and post- deliberation questionnaires (circulated to RAG early January for comments by mid-late January).

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