Jury Research Advisory Group meeting: May 2019

Meeting of the jury research advisory group.


Meeting on 22 May 2019

Parliament House


Willie Cowan, Scottish Government (Chair)

John Scullion QC, Faculty of Advocates

Anthony McGeehan, COPFS

Michael Walker, Law Society of Scotland

Kay McCorquodale, SCTS

Lorraine Murray, Ipsos Mori

Rachel Ormston, Ipsos Mori

Professor Fiona Leverick, University of Glasgow

Professor James Chalmers, University of Glasgow

Professor Vanessa Munro, University of Warwick

Lesley Bagha, Scottish Government

Catherine Bisset, Scottish Government


In attendance:

Alastair Bowden, Scottish Government

Ella Edginton, Scottish Government

Laura McDavitt, Scottish Government



Lord Turnbull

Sheriff Duff, Judicial Institute

Nicola Edge, Scottish Government



  • Action points from last meeting all completed.
  • No future RAG meetings planned, members will be invited by SG to participate in launch and engagement events after publication of the report.


  • SG to collate RAG’s substantive comments on draft report (on clarity, accessibility for non-experts and accuracy - members did not comment on the validity or legitimacy of the results), including further comments in writing from those unable to attend the meeting, and submit to the researchers.
  • Researchers to produce next draft of report.
  • Researchers to produce 4 page summary of research findings once report finalised.
  • SG to share final draft report with RAG ahead of publication.
  • SG to further develop engagement plans and engage with researchers to facilitate their involvement.
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