Jury Research Advisory Group meeting: April 2018

Meeting of the Jury Research Advisory Group.


  •  Action points from last meeting all completed
  •  The Impact of the Use of Pre-Recorded Evidence on Juror Decision-Making: An Evidence Review is now published at http://www.gov.scot/Publications/2018/03/6216.
  •  Methods of Conveying Information to Jurors: An Evidence Review soon to be published.
  •  Research team thanked the RAG for their input into the trial scripts and gave a brief summary of the pilot process.

Attendees and apologies

Willie Cowan, Scottish Government, (Chair)
Sheriff Duff, Judicial Institute
John Scullion QC, Faculty of Advocates
Michael Walker, Law Society of Scotland
Kay McCorquodale, SCTS
Lorraine Murray, Ipsos Mori
Rachel Ormston, Ipsos Mori
Professor Fiona Leverick, University of Glasgow
Professor James Chambers, University of Glasgow
Professor Vanessa Munro, University of Warwick
Lesley Bagha, Scottish Government
In attendance:
Catherine Bisset, Scottish Government
Laura McDavitt, Scottish Government
Nicola Edge, Scottish Government
Lord Turnbull
Anthony McGeehan, COPFS
Tamsyn Wilson, Scottish Government
Karen Auchincloss, Scottish Government

Items and actions

  • Research Team to address the issues emerging from the pilot.
  •  SG to publish Methods of Conveying Information to Jurors: An Evidence Review.
  •  SG to sign off Pilot report.
  •  SG to arrange next RAG meeting for last week in October.
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