Water industry - Investment Planning, Prioritisation and Delivery Group: quarter one report 2023-2024

Report to ensure the water industry is developing a sufficient programme of investment to meet the objectives that Ministers set at the start and to address the needs on the ‘Development List’ up to the end of September 2023 (quarter 1 2023 to 2024).

1. Purpose

This report sets out how Scottish Water is progressing in developing interventions to address the needs on the ‘Development List’ up to the end of June 2023 (Quarter 1 2023/24). It has been prepared for the Investment Planning, Prioritisation & Delivery Group (IPPDG) set up by Ministers to provide reassurance and report on the delivery of their Objectives.

What Is Monitored

The Development List contains named Needs and Needs associated with repair, refurbish and replacement activities.

Where interventions are forecast to exceed £3m or are novel or contentious, a Level 1 or 2 project investment appraisal is developed to assess the options to deliver the need.

Each quarter Scottish Water reports to IPPDG on its progress in developing interventions to address the needs on the Development List. This report includes:

Section 2 – Summary of Current Investment: providing an overview of the current investment forecast over the 6-year investment period

Section 3 - Indicator of overall Progress towards the Committed List (PCL): to provide reassurance to stakeholders on the overall volume of intervention development relative to what is required to meet expected investment levels in future years.

Section 4 - Progress in the development of interventions with Level 1 and 2 appraisals: to provide reassurance to stakeholders on progress of developing interventions subject to a Level 1 and Level 2 appraisal [and other projects and programmes of interest to stakeholders] and a view of current expectations of when they will reach future appraisal stages.


Email: waterindustry@gov.scot

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