Innovation Strategic Partnership Group minutes: September 2016

Papers from the Innovation Strategic Partnership Group held in Glasgow on 20 September 2016.

Items and actions

1. Welcome and introductions

The Chair welcomed everyone.

2. Minutes and matters Arising

  • Minutes from the previous meeting were agreed.
  • It was noted that all outstanding Action Points from earlier meetings have been cleared.
  • The Chair commented that:
    • The Programme for Government was published on 06 September 2016

3. Scotland CAN DO Innovation Forum

The Chair advised that there had been lively discussion around the pilot proposals – Digital in Edinburgh, Health and Wellbeing in the Highlands and Islands and Manufacturing in Glasgow - at the Scotland CAN DO Innovation Forum (Forum). Representatives from SG, SE, HIE and SFC were invited to briefly provide some background for the group.

Action Point 6.1 – members to send any comments on the proposed Scotland CAN DO Innovation Pilots to the secretariat by end of November 2016.


The Chair invited comments on the membership and remit of the ISPG advising that it made sense to look at these as the refresh of the Forum was under consideration.

  • Most found the meetings useful, confirming that it enabled alignment across the different areas.
  • Suggestions were made to create a sub-group of the ISPG to allow fuller discussion of the European Innovation, H2020, etc.

Action Point 6.2 – Comments on role, remit membership, etc. of the ISPG to be submitted to secretariat by end of November 2016.

5. Round Table Updates

The Chair requested any updates.

  • Scottish Enterprise: Scotland CAN DO Scale - The Summer School was very well attended with a good balance of new stage/start-up companies to established.

  • Scottish Funding Council: The Innovation Centre Review by Professor Reid is on schedule.

  • Enterprise Europe Network Scotland:
    • Companies still keen to engage in Europe through H2020, Eurostars, etc.
    • The International Coaching event was recently held in Edinburgh and went well. This is a good resource which works well with companies and they are considering piloting this in the Food and Drink sector.
  • Scotland Europa:
    • Set up single point of contact through
    • Lots of consultation with companies post Brexit but possibly too early to get a sense of any concerns, and they will continue monitoring.
    • Engaging more actively with stakeholders
  • Scottish Government:
    • There will be a fee to join the Vanguard Initiative and membership of the EU is no longer a requirement to join.
    • The Universities are concerned over Brexit and an engagement plan would be of use.
    • Published two joint statements with Universities Scotland on EU students/tuition fees and on EU research funding and collaboration.

6. European Innovation

  • The Chair thanked all for their input and introduced the next agenda item.
  • A sectoral approach is being taken when interacting with the UKG. This will include scenario planning to ensure SG remains engaged in all relevant areas.
  • There could be a call for detailed information on each policy area and teams should prepare themselves for this.
  • Businesses and Universities are concerned around freedom of movement and possible resultant staffing issues.
  • Some sectors have written directly to UKG stating what they are looking for from Brexit.
  • Not all worries are caused by Brexit – some are coming from potential Scottish events.
  • There has been anecdotal evidence that Scottish organisations have been asked to withdraw from Consortia as they are seen as a risk to the bid for EU funding.

7. Any Other Business

The Chair thanked all and confirmed there were no other points to raise.

8. Close

The next meeting will be 14 February 2017.

ISPG - 20.09.16 - Agenda.pdf
ISPG - 20.09.16 - Paper 2 - Minutes from 26 April 2016.pdf
ISPG - 20.09.2016 - Minutes.pdf
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