Signing powers for councillors: guidance

Information for elected members of local authorities about their signing powers, which came into force on 10 December 2007.

December 2007

ISBN 978 0 7559 5616 6

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1 Introduction
1.1 Councillors' Signing Powers
1.1.1 Statutory Authority
1.1.2 Documents That A Councillor May Sign
1.1.3 Documents That A Councillor May NOT Sign
1.2 Check list for Any Document
1.2.1 Do I know what the document is, and do I understand its purpose?
1.2.2 Does it say on the form that a JP or Councillor may sign?
1.2.3 Am I confident of the applicant's identity?
1.2.4 Is the applicant entitled to ask me to sign this type of document?
1.2.5 Do I know the applicant, if not, does it matter?
1.2.6 Am I simply acting as a witness to the applicant's signature?
1.2.7 Am I making a statement from my own knowledge?
1.2.8 Is the document fully completed, or are there gaps that must be scored through?
1.2.9 Are there alterations that must be initialled?
1.2.10 Do I have sufficient information to sign?
1.2.11 Make a record

2 Personal Knowledge
2.1 Passport Applications
2.1.1 Identification of Applicant
2.1.2 Councillor's Personal Details
2.2 Driving Licences
2.3 Emigration
2.4 Certified True Copies
2.5 Shotguns and Firearms

3 Written Declarations
3.1 General
3.1.1 Statutory Declaration Procedure
3.2 Passports
3.2.1 Change of Own Name
3.2.2 Change of Child's Name
3.2.3 Overseas Birth
3.2.4 No Birth or Marriage Certificate
3.3 Births, Deaths & Marriages
3.3.1 Declaration of Parentage by Father
3.3.2 Declaration of Parentage by Mother
3.3.3 Second Marriage Ceremony
3.3.4 Change of Name
3.3.5 Other Declarations
3.4 Registrar of Companies
3.5 Lost Insurance Policies
3.6 Building Societies
3.7 Registered Motoring Fines

A Personal Knowledge
A.1 Passport Application Form
A.2 Passport Application Instructions
A.3 Shotgun Certificate
A.4 Firearm Certificate

B Written Declarations
B.1 Statutory Declaration
B.2 Passport-Name Change
B.3 Change of name-Child
B.4 Passport-Father
B.5 Passport-Mother
B.6 Passport-Birth in India or Pakistan
B.7 Passport-Marriage in India or Pakistan
B.8 Parentage-Father
B.9 Paternity-Mother
B.10 Second Marriage
B.11 Company Registration
B.12 LostInsurancePolicy
B.13 Succession-Investor Indemnity

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