Hate crime legislation independent review: consultation (easy-read)

Easy-read version of consultation to inform the independent review of hate crime legislation in Scotland, chaired by Lord Bracadale.

Some of the words we use in this paper

People arguing


When something is made worse.



When someone breaks a law.



Turn an activity into a criminal offence by making it illegal.

Person being bullied


A very strong feeling of dislike towards a person or group of people.

Police helping victim

Hate crime

When you become the victim because of who you are.

Scales with Right and Wrong on either side


The law a person has broken. Different offences are punished in different ways.

people whispering


This is when someone thinks something about a person or group which is not based on facts.

silhouette of group of people

Protected characteristics

When we talk about hate crime law these groups are known as the protected characteristics:

1. Race

2. Religion

3. Disability

4. Sexual orientation

5. Transgender identity

person in jail


The punishment for a crime. For example, how long a person goes to prison for.

person being beaten up

Statutory aggravations

When a person has committed another offence (such as assault or breach of the peace), but has done it in a way which is aggravated by hate or prejudice against particular individuals or groups.

silhouette of transgender person

Transgender identity

When someone is born a man and lives as a woman or born a woman and lives as a man.

police officer comforts victim


The person who the crime is against.


Email: Independent review of hate crime legislation - secretariat, secretariat@hatecrimelegislationreview.scot

Phone: 0300 244 4000 – Central Enquiry Unit

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