Independent Oversight and Assurance Group on Tayside's Mental Health Services: consultation on the revised draft integration schemes

Letter from the Chair of the Independent Oversight and Assurance Group on Tayside's Mental Health Services on consultation of the revised draft of the integration schemes.


  • Grant ArchibaldChief Executive, NHS Tayside
  • Greg ColganChief Executive, Dundee City Council
  • Phil DavisonDivisional Commander, Tayside Police Scotland
  • Thomas GlenChief Executive, Perth and Kinross Council
  • Margo WilliamsonChief Executive, Angus Council

7 April 2022

Dear Colleagues

Consultation on the revised draft integration scheme

I hope this finds you well. I am writing to you on the review of your respective integration schemes. The Oversight Group welcomed the opportunity last week to discuss the position in terms of strategic planning and delivery of mental health services: it is clear that very real progress has now been made.

The Oversight Group also met last week with the Stakeholder Participation Group (SPG) who were unaware of the present consultation arrangements and indeed the operation of the existing schemes and, consequently, the impact of the proposed changes. Members of the SPG are going to need time and perhaps the opportunity to hear from someone on the proposed changes which the present consultation period may not allow.

I understand that the Dundee and Angus Revised Schemes are presently out for consultation which will run for approximately three weeks and I just wonder what level of response you are going to get based on this timescale. In making this point, I am mindful of the call within Dr Strang’s ‘Trust and Respect’ report for sufficient time to be made available for consultation with all relevant people and for that to be as wide as necessary, meaningful and genuine. At the time of writing, I am not aware of what consultation arrangements are being put in place by Perth and Kinross and NHS Tayside.

These are of course matters for you. However, I wonder if you are able to apply any flexibility on the duration of the consultation and also the arrangements you are making to support and facilitate engagement.

Lastly, the Oversight Group welcomed the opportunity to discuss our themed work plans with you last week and we look forward to progressing these in collaboration with you, and your teams, over the coming months.

Best wishes.

Fiona Lees,

Chair, Independent Oversight and Assurance Group on Tayside’s Mental Health Services



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