Independent Oversight and Assurance Group on Tayside's Mental Health Services: letter reviewing Integration Schemes

Letter from David Williams, Independent Oversight and Assurance Group on Tayside’s Mental Health Services on review of Integration Schemes, 28 January 2022.


  • Grant Archibald, Chief Executive, NHS Tayside
  • Greg Colgan, Chief Executive, Dundee City Council
  • Margo Williamson, Chief Executive, Angus Council
  • Thomas Glen,  Chief Executive, Perth and Kinross Council
  • Phil Davison, Divisional Commander, Tayside, Police Scotland

28 January 2022

Dear Colleagues

Review of Integration Schemes

Further to our productive discussion on 26 January, as we had run somewhat short on time in order to have a fuller discussion, I committed to writing to you to indicate some areas that you may wish to consider as you progress the review and revision of the Integration Schemes.

For instance, you may wish to consider how the resolutions you reach on those areas which you have yet to secure agreement between the Health Board and Councils in the draft schemes, reflects the positive approach to collaborative and joint working that you have put in place.

In endeavouring to provide clarity on the respective responsibilities between the Health Board and IJBs, as recommended by Dr David Strang, you may wish to reflect on how it is intended to explain any changes that have been made, to the stakeholder groups and the general public in your consultation, in the context of working towards achieving greater transparency, and building trust and respect.

Finally, updating and amending the Integration Schemes does not necessarily mean that everyone who has a part to play in integration in Tayside will know about the amendments and more importantly, embrace them and work to them. You may wish, therefore, to consider how you will promote system-wide understanding and an embracing of the revised and clear expectations of IJBs, the Health Board and Councils.  This is in relation to the planning, commissioning, delivery and oversight of adult health and social care services (and within that Mental Health provision, community and inpatient).

If you would find it helpful, I am happy to arrange to meet separately with you on these issues and any other matters in respect of integration.  We will of course be coming back to the issue in our next meeting in February as well.

Best wishes,

David Williams

Independent Oversight and Assurance Group on Tayside’s Mental Health Services



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