Ill Health and Disability Benefits Stakeholder Reference Group: August 2016

Minutes from the August 2016 meeting of the Ill Health and Disability Benefits Stakeholder Reference Group.

Attendees and apologies


  • John Shaw, CPAG
  • Richard Gass, Glasgow City Council representing SLGP
  • Kate Burton, NHS Lothian
  • David Formstone, East Dunbartonshire Council representing Social Work Scotland
  • Nicola Dickie, CoSLA
  • Annie Gunnar Logan, CCPS
  • Bill Scott, Inclusion Scotland
  • Rosie Mears, Citizens Advice Scotland
  • Keith Dryburgh, Citizens Advice Scotland
  • Jim Carle, Disabled Children and Young People Advisory Group
  • Gill Young, Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association
  • Pauline Davidson, Scottish Government
  • Stephanie Fezas Vital, Scottish Government
  • Trish Brady-Campbell, Scottish Government
  • Ed Orr, Scottish Government, Agenda item 5 only


  • Michael McClements, Cosla
  • Beth Hall, CoSLA
  • Graham Watt, Deep End GP’s
  • Gerry McFeely, NHS
  • Emelia Crichton, NHS
  • Rob Gowans, Citizens Advice Scotland

Items and actions

Minutes of Meeting 9 June 2016

The minutes were agreed and all action points had been cleared

SG Update

1. The chair provided an update on the Consultation and thanked members for their input to the draft, which following comments made, resulted in improvements to the finished document.

Scenario Planning

2. Trish Brady- Campbell, Operation Researcher in the Scottish Government led a follow up session on scenario planning.

3. The focus of this session was to look at the future potential for aligning services. The group was split into two and asked to consider 1) were possibilities for aligning services 2) what the main challenges to this would be.

Action – SG to write up the outcomes from the session and share with the Group for comment

Engagement and Communications

4. Ed Orr from the Programme Management Team in Scottish Government gave a presentation on the formal consultation to the group. The consultation was launched on 28 July 2016 and will close on 28 October 2016.

5. Organisations were thanked for their help and support in undertaking events to help launch the Consultation, and for their on-going support. There are support packs and a limited budget available to help any organisation still considering hosting an event.

6. Members appreciated the opportunity to input to the Consultation and could see where there comments had been incorporated. Feedback for future was to look at how it could be done on-line more corroboratively.

Action – SG to update members with any themes emerging from Consultation responses

Working Group on ‘whole of life’ approach

7. It was proposed that a working group be set up to consider a longer term piece of work looking at a whole of life appraoch as set out in the consultation paper. The group agreed that further work was required to look at the evidence base. Relevant questions relating to this within the Consultation would be analysed and taken forward.

Action – Members to send in nominations or suggestions for working group membership

The next meeting will be 3 October in St Andrew’s House, Edinburgh



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