How to apply for a public appointment

Public Appointments are made on merit following a fair and open selection process.

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About the application process

Public Appointments are made on merit following a fair and open selection process.

Each vacancy will be unique but it generally involves completing an online application form which will be assessed against what is needed for the role.

The application is very important, applicants must demonstrate how they meet the key skills set out in the application pack, further guidance can be found at the foot of this page. 

Shortlisted candidates are interviewed, usually by a panel consisting of three people. The final decision is made by the Scottish Minister responsible for the public body, based on the panel's assessments.

Reasonable adjustments for disabled people

Scottish Ministers have set an equality outcome that public appointments are more diverse and broadly reflect the general population. Disabled people are encouraged to apply for public appointments.

If you require a reasonable adjustment at any stage of the public appointments process please get in touch with the Public Appointments Team on 0300 244 1898 or email

Application packs: if you need any of the application pack documentation in an alternative format such as plain text, Braille or large print, please contact the Public Appointments Team direct. 

Diversity monitoring form: to help us collect information about diversity we ask you to fill in a Public Appointments Monitoring Form. To help ensure fairness in the appointments process the information collected in this form is not shared with the selection panel that assesses the applications. We do not use the information in the Public Appointments Monitoring Form to assess whether you need any reasonable adjustments.

Assessment stages:if your application goes through to the second stage of assessment you will be invited to an interview. We will contact you to agree an interview date with you. If you require a reasonable adjustment for the interview or other assessments in the second stage please let us know when you are agreeing the interview date so that we can put arrangements in place. We will ensure that the building where the interview is held is wheelchair accessible. We can also make a range of other adjustments, for example coloured paper, an introduction to the building where interviews will be held so that you are familiar with the layout, and adjustment of the time in the interview stage for any practical exercises. This is not an exhaustive list. Please get in touch and we can discuss what is right for you. 

How to apply for a public appointment


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