Housing statistics quarterly update: March 2017

Quarterly publication providing statistics on recent trends in housing, including new builds, affordable housing and local authority housing.

Housing Statistics for Scotland Quarterly Update (published 14 March 2017)

This quarterly statistical publication provides information on recent trends in:

  • New build housing starts and completions by sector (up to end September 2016, with more up-to-date social sector information available up to end December 2016)
  • The Affordable Housing Supply Programme (up to end December 2016)
  • Local authority house sales including Right to Buy (up to end September 2016)

The background data used in this document can be found in the new house building, Affordable Housing Supply Programme (AHSP), and local authority house sales web tables, along with an explanatory note.

Chart 1: Quarterly new build completions, 2005 to 2016
Chart 1: Quarterly new build completions, 2005 to 2016


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