Homicide in Scotland, 2002

Statistics on homicide in Scotland, 2002

Statistical Bulletin Criminal Justice Series CrJ/2003/9 HOMICIDE IN SCOTLAND, 2002

1. Introduction

1.1 This bulletin presents statistics on crimes of homicide recorded by the police in Scotland in the period 1993 to 2002, incorporating information as known at 30 October 2003. It covers all cases of murder and common law culpable homicide, but excludes cases of causing death by dangerous or reckless driving.

1.2 Data are given firstly in respect of cases, where a single case of homicide is counted for each incident involving murder or culpable homicide, irrespective of the number of perpetrators or victims. Information on victims and accused persons is then presented, followed by circumstances of homicides. In addition to details of the method, motive and relationship between the accused and their victims, new information collected since 2000, including the drink and drug levels of victims and accused is shown. Definitions and further background on the information presented in this bulletin are given in the annex.

Chart 1: Cases initially and currently recorded as homicide by the police, 1925-2002


1. The recording practice changed in 1978, when disaggregated information was first collected.
2. See annex note 10.7 for an explanation of the difference between cases initially and currently recorded as homicide.

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