Warmer Homes Scotland: annual review 2017 to 2018

A review of how the Warmer Homes Scotland Scheme - part of the Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland - has performed and made progress towards meeting objectives.

Warmer Homes Scotland Glossary

ABS: Area Based Scheme

AFIP: Armed Forces Independence Payment

BTS: Below Tolerable Standard

CVN: Contract Variation Notice

DECC: Department of Energy and Climate Change

DLA: Disability Living Allowance

DNQ: Did Not Qualify

ECO: Energy Companies Obligation

EPC: Energy Performance Certificate

ESA: Employment and Support Allowance

ESP: Employment and Skills Plan

EST: Energy Saving Trust

EU: European Union

FiT: Feed in Tariff

GDAR: Green Deal Advice Report

GSHP: Ground Source Heat Pump

H&S: Health and Safety

HEEPS: Home Energy Efficiency Programmes for Scotland

HES: Home Energy Scotland

JSA: Job Seekers Allowance

KPI: Key Performance Indicator

LLP: Limited Liability Partnership

LPG: Liquid Petroleum Gas

MCS: Microgeneration Certification Scheme

PAS: Publicly Available Specification

PAT: Portable Appliance Testing

PCL: Pennington Choices Limited

PIP: Personal Independence Payment

PRS: Private Rented Sector

QA: Quality Assurance

rdSAP: Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure

RFT: Right First Time

RTC: Referral To Completion

SAP: Standard Assessment Procedure

SEEP: Scotland's Energy Efficiency Programme

SG: Scottish Government

SGN: Scottish Gas Networks

SHCS: Scottish House Condition Survey

SME: Small and medium-sized enterprises

SSEN: Scottish and Southern Energy Networks

UC: Universal Credit

VAT: Value Added Tax

VfM: Value for Money

WIP: Work In Progress


Email: CEU@gov.scot

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