HMP Bishopbriggs: written authority - August 2007

Written authority and formal request between Director General for Justice and Communities, and Cabinet Secretary for Justice regarding HMP Bishopbriggs. A Written Authority is provided to Accountable Officers by Ministers in circumstances when delivering an action is inconsistent with the Accountable Officer’s Duties and a ministerial direction on the specific action is required to continue.



The Accountable Officer was concerned that cancelling the competition for a private finance initiative (PFI) design, build and operate contract. Then beginning a new competition to design and build a prison for public sector operation would result in sizable additional expenditure. This was because of the gap in cost efficiency between public and private operation importing significant delay into the project (as the procurement process would effectively go back to start). 

Therefore, on 27 September 2007 the Accountable Officer for Director General for Justice and Communities, Mike Ewart sent Kenny MacAskill Cabinet Secretary for Justice a written authority regarding HMP Bishopbriggs. Download a copy of the written authority and a copy of the formal request.


Date of written authority: 27/08/07 (3rd Scottish Parliamentary Session)
Portfolio: Director General for Justice and Communities
Accountable Officer: Mike Ewart
Minister: Kenny MacAskill



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