High Level Summary of Statistics: Key Trends for Scotland 2006

Presents key trends for Scotland across all areas of governement activity.


The High Level Summary of Statistics presents statistical trends on the main areas of Government activity in Scotland. It provides a similar, concise format for each topic, presenting information graphically where possible and providing a route into more detailed statistics by listing relevant publications and related websites after each trend.

Trends are presented individually for each sub-topic; the publication does not attempt to provide a flowing narrative between each sub-topic.

The information presented in this publication can be accessed on line via the redesigned Scottish Executive Statistics website at: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Statistics. The new Home page of the website provides the option to ' Browse Statistics' listing topics matching the chapter headings of this High Level Summary of Statistics publication. By clicking into each topic, the more detailed list of sub-topics can be accessed, with each linking to the relevant High Level Summary of Statistics trends page.

The High Level Summary of Statistics trend pages will be continually updated on the website as new information becomes available, providing an easy route to finding the most up-to-date statistics available

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