Heat in Buildings Strategy: 2022 update

An update on progress against our Heat in Buildings Strategy.

Ministerial foreword

We published our Heat in Buildings Strategy just over a year ago. It set out our programme to deliver our climate targets by reducing our dependence on gas and oil for heating our homes and other buildings.

The strategy is ambitious, of course – that reflects how essential a part it will play in meeting our Net Zero commitment. It’s true that the recent cost of living crisis and unprecedented surges in energy costs add to the challenge, however, these factors also underline how vitally important it is that we move away from gas for heat, as gas prices are the root cause of these crises.

This means that reducing emissions from our buildings will help make our energy more affordable and secure, as well as help eliminate poor energy efficiency as a driver of fuel poverty. We remain determined to deliver this strategy and its ambitions in a way that is consistent with our work to tackle fuel poverty.

That’s why we have increased our support for heat and energy efficiency measures and to support those least able to pay in recent months, with a £1.2 million package of support for consumer-facing advice services. We are doing this because being comfortable at home is something everyone should be able to afford. This principle will guide us right through the transition to zero emissions heating.

I am pleased to publish this short update on progress against our strategy since its publication a year ago. This covers our funding and advice programmes on heat and energy efficiency, support for social housing and decarbonising public buildings, as well as the next steps for regulation – including our improvements to existing building standards and measures to require zero emissions heating in all new buildings from April 2024. It also highlights our work on supply chain issues, on heat networks, and our progress on developing local heat and energy efficiency strategies.

There remains a huge amount still to do. Next year will see us consult on proposals on a Heat in Buildings Bill, and publish our Public Engagement Strategy, among other measures – underlining our determination to deliver on our Heat in Buildings Strategy, and to bring people with us as we do so.

Patrick Harvie MSP

Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants’ Rights

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